Carpet Burn Cup: Round One – Big Air

9 Feb
Nick Law.

Andrew Goodenough floats a huge frontside 540. photo: Nick Law.

Wednesday was the day that Aberdeen finally saw some of the conditions that seemingly everywhere else in Britain had been enjoying, and there was a thick layer of snow on the slope by the time the Carpet Burn Cup got underway. The turnout was impressive given the conditions, though the girls’ events were still pretty undersubscribed. The kids’ comps saw a high standard of riding in general, especially as so many medal-winners were first-time competitors. Erin Cornwall headed over from the race training session to win the girls’ ski category, with Rebecca Morrison winning the boarding. Grant Donald and Emmet Strachan threw sweet 360s to hand them the boy’s skiing and snowboarding titles respectively.  

In the adult division, top girl snowboarder was Natalie Riley, who spun huge 3’s off the kicker, while Rebecca Eccles won the skiing with a clean 360. Stubhart Deans entertained the other riders with huge frontflips that earned him the male ski title. Snowboarder Matt Gibson, the previous week’s Muckle Warrior, made it two wins in a row with a huge cab 5.

All agreed that it had been the perfect start to the series: a high level of riding, a few new faces, and a relaxed atmosphere where encouragement was favoured over competitiveness. Even while riders were throwing down their judged runs, the focus remained on enjoying the fresh snow. Fraz seemed to spend more time off the side of the slope than on it, buttering past the floodlights and finding a nifty new line off the right-hand side of the floodlights and round the back of the quarter. 

The comp is now well and truly underway, and you can take a look at the current standings by heading over to the CBC page. You’ll also find all the details for Round Two: Skier/Boarder X, coming up later this month.


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