Groms at Glenshee II: The Melting….. Sunday 24th February

25 Feb

Last weekend the groms took another trip to Glenshee, three weeks after the first session (scroll down to read about that one). After reading  reports of relentless thaw, as well as feeling the heat in Aberdeen, everyone was expecting less cover than before. It was still shocking, though, to see just how bare the resort had become. The Butchart’s side was out of action, and the Sunnyside runs looked very patchy in places. Still, the sun was out and the wind was dying down, and word of mouth was that the runs were better over the back. After a few warm-up runs on the Sunnyside poma, the crew headed over towards Coirre Fionn. Although the snow was soft, it wasn’t too sugary and the kids were all enjoying the potential for ollies and butters, and pain-free slams!

After a brief lunch stop, and the first ever chairlift ride for some, it was over to Glas Maol. Glenshee regular Andy Torrance dished out some of his local knowledge and guided the kids onto the steeper side, with only Rowan Cameron stepping up to slide it at first. By the next run almost all the kids had followed his lead, and the remainder of the day was spent lapping the run and trying new lines.

The slushy session, then, was a new experience for many and a memorable one for all. After going from hard-pack and ice to as soft as it gets, hopefully the groms will get something that falls between the two on their next trip….



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