Granite City Girls gets a makeover

4 Mar


 It’s all change for the The Granite City Girls session. As well as moving from Tuesdays at 7pm to Fridays at 5pm, it is now open to all female riders aged 10 and over who meet the slope’s minimum standard (see for details). It still runs for two hours, but is now once a month rather than weekly, and features two female coaches to cater for both skiing and snowboarding. Every session will have a different theme or event, starting off with Nikita Night on Friday 3rd April.

Next year Nikita clothing will celebrate its ten-year anniversary, and is publishing a 200-page coffee table book to mark the occasion. This is what their website has to say about ‘SIDEWAY SISTAS: The Story of Girls Who Ride’:

“The book will celebrate and portray the lifestyle of the Nikita girl; in photos, words, poems, graphics and art, or in any which way possible…. Along with stories, people and pictures from the depths of Nikita’s archives, Nikita would like to dedicate the rest of the content to all girls who ride. Grab the opportunity to tell your own story, what you love, what you do and what Nikita means to you. Any form of entry is accceptable – this will be a coffee table book to truly represent the Nikita girl, a book about her life and something hopefully all will want to be a part of”

If you’ve got anything you feel could be good for the book, bring it along to the Nikita session on the 3rd April, from 5pm til 7pm. If you ca’t make it, drop in in to the centre beforehand and Beth will send it all off to Nikita together. Even if you don’t have anything, come along anyway to have a shred!

For more info on Nikita and the book, click the logo below. If you’re on Facebook, add Shred Aberdeen as a friend for all the details on the new-look Granite City Girls.



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