Carpet Burn Cup: Round Three – Rail Jam

9 Mar

For those who were there, the freestyle session on the night of 25th February was one of the best in recent memory. Maybe it was the fact that the snow had finally gone from the hills, but for whatever reason the slope was jumping . Such was the success of the night that many anticipated an influx of new competitors for the following week’s Rail Jam. Sure enough, the number of riders registered for the Carpet Burn Cup shot skywards: Kevin Cowie, Roddy Hamilton, Matthew Hellingoe, Frazer Rennie, Andy Laird and Slav Gnatetski were among those looking for their first points of the series.


The event begun with the kids who, as well as the rainbow rail and flatbar, faced the rail line down the left side: battleship box to a choice of either the Unbez rail or ‘Irn Bru’ box. With three judged runs each, riders had a few chances to rack up the points. In the junior ski category, Erin Cornwall took her 2nd win of the series, while Matthew Hellingoe won his first event with solid slides over the battleship and flatbox, riding out switch. For the boarders, Rebecca Morrison showed mastery of the battleship to claim her 3rd win, and Emmet Strachan moved clear at the top of the guys’ table with boardslides on the battleship and a techy 180-on 180-off on the Unbez.


Once the kids were all done, a more challenging rail line was put in place for the adults. The battleship was moved uphill to make room for the shotgun rail, and the Unbez box was now resting on the picnic bench as an uprail. Riders had to set up for the next feature quickly if they were to hit all three. Rebecca stuck around to try her hand in the adult category, but couldn’t do enough to beat Natalie Riley. With Pete Duguid and Stubhart Deans both AWOL, there was a chance for another male skier to step up. In the end it was Roddy Hamilton, edging out Andrew Begg with smooth slides over the rainbow and shotgun rails. For once it wasn’t Matt Gibson taking the top honours in the male snowboard board division. Kevin Cowie and Andrew Goodenough attacked the features at ridiculous speeds, and scored high as a result, but it was Andy Laird who truly outclassed the rest of the field. Andy displayed his usual technical riding on all features, including a mind-boggling backside tailpress to frontside boardslide to 270 out over the battleship.


We’re now at the halfway stage of the Carpet Burn Cup, and the leaderboards are starting to take shape. Head over to the CBC page to take a look at the new league leaders. Next up is the bump run on 18th March, and if the last moguls competition held at the slope is anything to go by, it could be a classic. Don’t miss it!


Photos from the kids session, click to enlarge




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