Carpet Burn Cup: Round Four – Bump Run

19 Mar

The last bumps competition at the slope proved entertaining enough to draw spectators away from the quarterpipe jam that was running alongside it (see the review of the Granite City Invitational for more details). This bump run, like the last, had the potential to be a thriller, especially for the junior categories where a second or two could make all the difference on the overall standings.

Rebecca Morrison

 Sure enough, the kids’ competition was full of drama, with plenty of big slams and close results. Emmet Strachan made up for an early tumble by taking what could be described as a ‘creative’ line through the rest of the course to clock the fastest junior snowboarding time. Tim Hull, not seen since his 3rd place finish in Round 1, took the junior male ski category in an intensely close competition, with only 0.77 seconds separating the top three. The narrowest win of the lot, though, was Erin Cornwall in the junior female ski event. A mere 0.06 seconds was the difference between Erin and 2nd place Ruby Still, although Ruby now tops the overall standings.

 In the adult session, Natalie Riley finally tasted defeat, losing to the returning Beth Woodall with less than half a second separating them. Beth’s win would go some way to making up for her loss in the skiing to Rebecca Eccles, by a similarly close margin. Roddy Hamilton made it two wins out of two with a phenomenal 9.42 seconds, a time threatened only by junior ski race coach and Carpet Burn Cup debutante John Rennie. After defeat last week, it was back to the top of the podium for Matt Gibson, who shaved seconds off his first attempts to storm home with a time of 12.4.


A special mention, though, must go to Pete McKay, long-serving (and long-suffering) coach of the Kids’ Club session. While the juniors battled it out, McFace stepped up to try his hand and managed a time that was almost a full second faster than what Matt achieved later that evening. Junior riders take note: every Wednesday from 5pm til 7pm you can come along and receive the sage wisdom of Roddy and Pete, officially the fastest mogul-riders in Aberdeen!


There will be an extra week between events this time, with the slalom not til Wednesday 8th April. Plenty of time to practice on the Dendix, and seach eBay for the perfect spandex catsuit….


all photos by Dave Jacobs, click to enlarge






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