Granite City Girls’ Nikita Night, Friday 3rd April

7 Apr

The Granite City Girls’ night was relaunched last Friday with a Nikita-themed session. Beth Woodall has kindly provided a write-up of what went down. Check it out below, along with some sweet photos from the night:

The first of the new monthly Granite City Girls sessions went down a storm last Friday with over 20 girls heading on to the slope. With a range of ages and abilities skiing and snowboarding everyone had a great session. Natalie was on hand for some snowboarding advice and Beth was giving the skiers a couple of tips. Alice was styling out some big nose grabs, Ashlynn Barnes stomped some backside 180’s off the wedge and Dionne battled a beating heart to pop off the wedge on her skis. Big shout out to Loti, the youngest of the girls on the night, she made big improvements on the tabletop, happily flying off the tabletop by the end of the session. 


There was of course a good amount of girly chat going on at the top and the bottom of the slope, with a good atmosphere of friendly banter.  Holly worked her baking magic and made some very pretty Nikita cupcakes which were yummy and Natalie had made some awesome sketches of the girls who ride down at the slope.


Nikita had kindly donated a bunch of stickers, posters and postcards to give away and a few goody bags to hand out.  Names went in a hat and the 8 lucky ones walked away with some beauty Nikita beanies. 


A big thanks to those who made it down for the night and we hope to see you all back next month, the first Friday of May – May 1st. The photos from the night can be found below and are also on the GCG Facebook page (add Shred Aberdeen as a friend), so check them out.


I will be posting out some entries for the Nikita competition this week so if you have any late entries pop them in to the centre.


See you next month, cheers, Beth.



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