Carpet Burn Cup: Round Six – Quarter Slaughter

28 Apr
Grant Donald, Carpet Burn Cup winner (Male U-16 Ski)

Grant Donald, the little guy with the big air. photo: Beth Woodall.


After three months of competition, the Carpet Burn Cup finally drew to a close last Wednesday. From the snow-covered Big Air in early February, to this, the sun-baked Quarter Slaughter, the series had seen plenty of battles fought and rivalries contested. The general atmosphere at each event, though, had always been friendly and encouraging. With the big shiny cup on the line, and with some categories too close to call, it was to all the riders’ credit that this mood prevailed as much in the final event as it had in the earlier rounds.


Rebecca Morrison. photo by Beth Woodall

Rebecca Morrison, backside air. photo: Beth Woodall.

The high winds that had plagued the university competition had died down, and the slope was running well. Local DJ Andy Torrance was spinning in the alpine shack, and Linzi Thompson had got the barbecue going. With a sizeable crowd looking on, the kids got to work. Fin Bremner and Grant Donald wowed onlookers with big inverts in the pipe, earning them gold in the junior male snowboard and ski categories respectively. After her first cup defeat in the Slalom, Rebecca Morrison got a sweet 180 to take the girls’ snowboarding, while skier Erin Cornwall went for pure air to snatch the title from the hands of her perennial rivals, Ella and Ruby Still.


With the final points claimed, the series champions were announced after the event. For the juniors, it was Rebecca, Grant, Ruby and Emmet Strachan who got to lift the cup. The series was brought to a close with the inevitable product toss, the kids scrambling for the t-shirts and stickers that Pete was throwing from the top of the quarterpipe.


Dave Flahrety. photo by Beth Woodall.

Dave Flaherty gets high. photo: Beth Woodall.

Once the carnage had settled down, the adult competition began. Even though it was the last round, newcomers were still arriving to try their hand against the regulars. One of these, Alecksandrs Isidorovs, comfortably took the top ski prize with big, big air. With no-one to compete against in the skiing, Beth Woodall stuck with her snowboard and edged out Natalie Riley for first place with some clean airs to fakie. In the male event, it was only ever going to be one man on top. Kris “quartermaster” Bell cleaned up with big frontside airs and his signature McTwist 5.


After Mal tallied the totals, it was Natalie, Ally Gray, Pete Duguid and Rebecca Eccles who led the standings, and lifted the Cup. Ally in particular had proved his dedication to the series, driving up from Glasgow to compete in the last round.


After the prizegiving, the session picked up again and carried on strong right to the death. Even though the Cup is over, along with the winter season, the riders at Garthdee don’t show any signs of slowing down. On the contrary, the dedication that so many put into learning and perfecting the cup’s disciplines shows that the future, for shredders young and old alike, is promising.


Click the images below to view in full-size. All photos by Beth Woodall. Head over to the Carpet Burn Cup page for all the results in full. Video coming soon!



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