Mal’s Box premieres with strong session, Wednesday 29th April

30 Apr

Last night’s session on the new box was so much fun, no-one took the time to take any photos or video. Thankfully, those of you who weren’t there can read this report from Nicol to hear about what went down:

After the highlights of the previous Wednesday’s Carpet Burn Cup, it was expected to be a somewhat more mellow session this week. That was soon proved not to be the case. Our centre’s assistant manager Malcolm Judd has been busy welding a newly constructed box, by the name of “Mal’s box”. After a private staff “risk assessment” session on the new box on Tuesday, word soon spread that we had an amazingly good fun and easy to use new feature on our hands.


The box was used by the public for the first time on Pete McKay’s Granite City Groms session at 5pm, followed by the guys on the freestyle Wednesday session at 7pm. After having my dinner and getting my trousers, helmet and boots on, I headed on out to the alpine slope only to be gobsmacked at the progression of not one, but every single kid in Pete’s club. Standing out from the crowd was local ripper Joe Bain doing all sorts of spinning on and off the box combinations, with the highlight being switch 270 on/off followed by solid board slides to fakie on the battleship.  Fin Bremner was also pulling off some fancy foot work along with Emmet Strachan and Rowan Cameron.


It was now time for the later Freestyle Wednesday session to start, with a handful of the groms hanging around to show off their new tricks and put a bit of pressure on the older guys, which to begin with seemed to be the case.  Groms coach Pete McKay returned after having a bite to eat between sessions to show off some nifty moves which he had just recently taught to some of the kids. Soon enough most of our regular locals had arrived in awe at the sight of the new box. Andy Laird treated us all to some fantastic jibbing and pressing on almost everything in sight and Kris Bell showed us all his skills on both the box and battleship with some high speed tricks. Fresh from winning the Carpet Burn Cup last week, Ally Gray had some nicely pressed nose slides to 180’s out over our new box with the odd gap over the battleship to spice things up. Steve Gunn was fleeing around the slope as per usual dropping a few jaws throughout the night. With his board newly waxed, Frazer Rennie, AKA “Fraz”, was getting some big air on both table top, kicker and quarter pipe steezing out each and every trick with some tweaks a 16 year old would struggle with. For me the star of the night was local legend Andy Duthie. Andy had just finished an 11-7 shift at the slope, but this did not stop him from showing everyone a master class in jibbing both rails, the highlight being tail-nose-switch out over the battleship at high speed. Andy even had the energy in him to stomp down some sizeable backside 540’s over the kicker and still managed to help put all the features away at the end of the night.


Soon enough the night came to an end, after a great turn out, some funky tunes and an epic set up, everyone left the slope with a huge grin on their face buzzing with enthusiasm after learning at least a handful of new tricks. Next week we hope to have an even more fun setup! See you all there!



Nicol Paton


One Response to “Mal’s Box premieres with strong session, Wednesday 29th April”

  1. beth May 1, 2009 at 12:46 pm #

    Nice one guys, had a slide on the box and although my heart was in my mouth as always with these things it feels sooo smooth. Hats off to Mal for his silky smooth box building.
    Time for the girls can step it up tonight.

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