Granite City Girls May Day Box Session, Friday 1st May

5 May
rider: Ashlynn Barnes. photo: Beth Woodall.

Ashlynn Barnes steezes out a boardslide on the new box. photo: Beth Woodall.

Beth has provided us with a write-up of the latest new-look Granite City Girls session, which seems to be going from strength to strength:

The second instalment of the new monthly Granite City Girls saw another great session at the slope.  After Wednesday’s groms and freestyle night sessions it was time for the girls to step up and pit their wits against ‘Mals box’ at the all-female Friday session.

With many of the girls never having tried to hit a rail or box before there were understandably a few nerves at the start of the session. Concentrating on trying to turn smoothly and keeping low through the turns the girls were warming up and getting in to it pretty early on in the session.


Natalie gives some advice. photo: Beth Woodall

Natalie gives some advice. photo: Beth Woodall.

Once the girls were keen, attentions were turned to the box, with Natalie and Beth both on hand to explain and demo what needed to be done everyone was looking keen.  With everyone starting of slowly, being guided smoothly over the box hitting up some 50-50’s, a few were starting to style out some boardslides.  It was great to see the slope full of girls stoked on skiing and snowboarding all riding together on the sunny Friday evening.  All the girls put in a great effort, Leike Rolvers took quite a big fall and after a wee time out came back to try again, determined not to let the box get the better of her.  Rebecca and Ashlynn were getting nice boardslides and trying some switch out.  Well done to all for giving it a shot and were all stoked to have a smooth box to hone our skills on.

Zoe goes big. photo: Beth Woodall.

Zoe goes big. photo: Beth Woodall.

 Next month will be party time once again with a Heroes and Villains’ session so get your thinking caps on for a costume.  Let’s hope for a warm June evening so we can wear our ‘alter ego’ tights and pants without getting too cold…


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