G.O.A.T. off to a flying start

22 May

Wednesday saw the first filming session for the new GOAT comp, and riders were all working on their 180s before long. Kids Club coach Beth Woodall got hers in early when she laid down a perfect example of a backside 180 over the tabletop, while Roddy Hamilton and Mike Hewson set the standard for the skiers. Erin Cornwell and Nathan Sim stood out among those hitting the tabletop, consistently getting a smooth rotation and solid landing. Ross Cruikshank and James Samson got smooth spins over the transfer, but it was Matthew Hellingoe who got the best line off the kicker, stomping a huge 180 as well as several frontflips. A special mention goes out to Finlay Jacobs, who definitely raised his game for the cause. For a while he was always coming up short with the rotation, but with a bit of encouragement from dad Dave he floated a perfect 180 over the table and joined his brother Angus in the next round. It was close but no cigar for Rowan Cameron, Ruby Still and Emma Cornwell, but another weeks’ practice is surely all they will need.

The leaderboard was now taking shape, and it was up to the adults to get their hand in. Kevin Cowie, Andy Wilson and Matt Gibson pushed the boundaries with some of the biggest, floatiest 180s the slope has seen in a while. Over on the tabletop, Chris Rettie and Greg Smith claimed their tricks without too much trouble. Lara Wood stomped a perfect 180 on her last run, but with the camera already away for the night, she’ll need to show up next week to avoid getting a letter!

Aside from the G.O.A.T. entries, the session had several highlights. After coming close for a few sessions, Ally Gray managed to stomp a backside 360 off the end of the flatbar, joining a tiny handful of riders that  have ever managed that trick. Matt and Cowie both threw some astonishing rodeos, and Emmet Strachan’s dedication paid off when he finally landed a few frontside 5s over the kicker. The returning John Barnes was the one to watch on the rail line, killing it alongside Sophie Addison and Andy Laird, and Alex Idorovs owned the quarter pipe with huge airs and 360s.

For the current leaderboard, head over to the G.O.A.T. page. If you’ve not claimed your trick yet, be sure to make it down to next Wednesday’s session!


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