Granite City Girls’ ‘Heroes and Villains’ night, 5th June 2009

9 Jun

Beth has sent us a report of the latest Granite City Girls’ session. see below for the full article, as well as some of the most peculiar (and brilliant) photos ever taken at Garthdee……

Friday 5th June saw the Granite City Girls unleash their alter-ego’s for one night only. Wonderwoman descended from space to the top of mount Garthdee to save the dryslope from the evil ‘Flex destroyers’ threatening the melt the plastic bristles with their burning rocket fuel.  Aided by her good friend Superman (multiplied by 3) the villains were kept at bay and the other, rookie heroes were left to enjoy the party…

turtlesWith a throwback from the 90’s, the original party dudes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles made an appearance. After many a shout of ‘Cowabunga Dude’, and ‘Totally Radical’, they sloped off around 7pm and were reportedly last seen eating a large pepperoni pizza.  There were a few new additions to the world of Superheroes; Super Leike, Super Jules and Super Sarah were practicing their flying skills and learning tips from Wonderwoman on how to defend the planet, and by the end of the session got some steezy fist forward flying over the tabletop.

Thanks to all for another great night, don’t worry it won’t be long until we can come up with another excuse to get dressed up and slide with capes… watch this space.

click the photos below to enlarge


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