Steezy Threesies comp set for 22nd July

7 Jul


Hot on the heels of the DC comp on the 18th comes Steezy Threesies, a laid-back jam where the focus is all on learning and improving different variations of a 360.

The 360 is possibly the most popular and satisfying trick in snowsports, and no freestyler should fail to pull it out the bag. Take the next couple of weeks to get them locked down, especially off the kicker which gives you more airtime. Once you can land it solidly, experiment with different grabs. A 360 nosegrab can be very different to a 360 mute, so try them all to see what works for you.

The format is much the same as last year’s ‘Grab It’ comp, although with 360s instead of 180s. Riders get three attempts to land a 360 with a particular grab. Once that grab is landed, they can move onto the next one. Fail three attempts at any of the grabs and you’re out! Everyone who manages all six grabs without being eliminated proceeds to the rider-judged final where prizes will be awarded for steeziness.

Grabs for skiers: nosegrab, tailgrab, mute, japan, safety and ninja.

Grabs for snowboarders: nosegrab, tailgrab, mute, indy, melon and stalefish.

If you don’t know how to do any of these, try and come down on wednesday nights (groms from 5pm-7pm, adults from 7pm-10pm) to learn them off the club coaches. Failing that, Google it!

The date of the comp also coincides with the deadline for round Five of G.O.A.T., and since it’s 360s for skiers and backside 360s for boarders, there’ll be no excuse for getting a letter!



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