‘Sheep Shredders’ Jam with DC and Boarderline, Saturday 18th July 2009

22 Jul
Frazer Rennie tweaks one over the kicker

Frazer Rennie with a trademark switch backside 180 mute off the kicker

Eddie Cochran said, “There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues”, something that no doubt resonates with the Garthdee faithful when the temperatures peak and the first dusting at the Lecht seems a long way off. Fortunately, Nicol Paton has been working tirelessly to keep the freestyle scene firing, and the slope has never been busier for the time of year. As a result, the turnout for Saturday’s DC/Boarderline Sheep Shredders jam was comparable to any of the demos held last October and November. Katie Guthrie and her team had pulled out all the stops to set the stage for a great night of riding. With the burgers cooking, the Rockstar flowing and DJ KidProQuo spinning in the alpine shack, it was time to slide and test out some brand new DC decks for the 09/10 season.

Kris Bell, frontside noseslide

Kris Bell, frontside noseslide

First up was the kid’s jam. Emmet Strachan stomped big backside 180s and frontside 360s, while Greg Smith laid down plenty of smooth backside 3s. Both walked away with some brand new DC clobber for their troubles. Grand Danald was on hand to represent the skiers, a huge 540 off the kicker being his highlight.


Andy Laird, frontside tailslide to 270 out

The adult session was next up, taking the form of a mellow jam incorporating all the features. On the kicker, Kris Bell and Steve Cassie gave a masterclass in backside 540s, while Frazer Rennie mixed it up with everything from switch backside 180s to cab 3s and Palm airs. Natalie Riley threw some massive 360s and wasn’t far off some clean backside 5s, and had some solid tricks on the rails to boot. The rail line, though, was dominated by Andy Laird’s consistent switchups, presses and 270-outs on both Mal’s box and the battleship. Ryan Shiach, back riding plastic after a long hiatus, looked like he’d never been away, stomping frontside 5s in the quarter.

To step things up, the organisers called for a kicker jam, with spot prizes for the best tricks. Standouts included a backide 720 stalefish from Andrew Goodenough, a near 900 from Fraz, and Nicol Paton’s massive back 3 shiftys and back 5 indys. Away from the kicker, Nicol continued to slay it, linking up to the quarterpipe for some cab 5s and owning all four rails with a smorgasbord of tricks.

Nicol Paton, backside 540 indy

Nicol Paton, backside 540 indy

In the end the top prizes went to Natalie, Andy Duthie and Fraz, and all that was left to do was pack up and go celebrate a successful night. Nicol sees it as a good indication of even better sessions to come: “Considering it was high summer, there was a great turnout and it was good to see a few faces from the past coming out for the comp. A fun time was had by all. Once winter hits, and folks are back from their holidays, we can look forward to what will hopefully be our best season yet”.

A big thanks to Katie from Boarderline and Fran from DC for putting up the prizes and organising such a good jam! Click the links below to visit their sites…..





Sheep compSheep compSheep compSheep comp


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