Road Trip to Bearsden, Tuesday 21st July

27 Jul

With a couple of comps on the horizon, Bearsden is definitely a slope that the Garthdee groms have been keen to hit up for a session. Last week, that became a reality, and you can read Beth Woodall’s write-up below! All photos by Dave Jacobs.

grant 180 grab

Grant Donald blasts big off the Bearsden booter

Last Tuesday saw a handful of brave members of Team Aberdeen head out on a road trip to the land of Buckfast that is the city of Glasgow.  With a guide to weegie words in hand and all valuables safely out of sight, the intrepid warriors went forth.  

"super" Andy Wilson

"super" Andy Wilson

Entertained by DJ Andy Wilson in the front seat the banter was flowing, and the destination was Bearsden dryslope, another Snowflex freestyle slope that will be the location for a few freestyle comps over the summer including Legion Rocks 4 and the Westbeach series.

 After the long drive, the Team bus made it safe and sound and guess what – yup it was raining.. a lot.. like the kinda rain that only Glasgow enjoys.

At first sight, the kicker looked a little daunting for some with slightly more whip and a steeper landing than here at Garthdee, there was a definite feeling of not being on home turf.  With the slopes empty apart from the crew, the guys were able to scope it out and take their time.  Everyone took on the challenge and tried out various tricks from their trick bags.  Angus Jacobs stepped up to land the only 360 off the kicker.  Along with Andy Wilson, Ross spent some time upside down perfecting his flips and Grant was getting some sweet grabs, super tweaked as always. Greg, Andy, Alex and Nathan were heading the snowboard posse and got some nice grabs and 180s. Everyone threw down some sweet moves but unfortunately with Dave on camera, not all were recorded, we got some shots of Snowflex and clouds, and one really perfect shot of a splodge of rain on the lens.  Nah, check out the photos there are a couple of goodies, especially considering the rain.

Angus Jacobs, mid-360

Angus Jacobs, mid-360

I hear that the guys decided to brighten up the place while they were down there with a few nice stickers proudly displaying the Aberdeen Snowsports Centre logo, I am sure they will fit in very nicely with the surroundings. Let’s hope they come and visit us here and repay the favour. 

Perhaps next time the Team could hit the road a little further and try out the fridge at Xscape for some new challenges.  In the end, though, everyone was glad they have Garthdee to ride at ‘cos you know there’s no place like home.

Bearsden will be hosting Legion Rocks 4 on August 15th and the Westbeach Snowflex Series on August 22nd check out for more info. Click any photo below to enlarge.


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