Westbeach Snowflex series, Bearsden, 22nd August

28 Aug

Bearsden dry slope was the venue for the Westbeach Snowflex series last Saturday, and a healthy contingent from Garthdee headed down to take part. The crew scooped a few notable awards, with Andy Wilson and Sophie Addison picking up third place spots, and Kristina Melvin taking a win in the under-16 female snowboard category. On the scene for the Goat Post were Grant Donald and Matt Hellingoe, who provided this blow-by-blow account of the day’s events. Cheers guys!


Kris Bell on his way to the final

On the 22nd of August the Westbeach Snowflex series was gunna go off in all sorts of ways fo’ sho’ son, attracting the cream off the crop in British freestyle skiing and snowboarding with prizes going out from great sponsors and don’t forget the free stuff which Grant, Matt and Ross got ‘stuck’ into, most nabbed lots of goodies and stashed them in the team wagon.

Kristina, bringing the gold home to Garthdee

Kristina, bringing the gold home to Garthdee

On our fashionably late arrival, we got changed as quickly as we could and headed off into the carnage, where our home-grown talent was glowing in every category. Once we had been registered and given our bibs, we headed up the slope to meet some of the finest British talent including Moray Buchan and Will Smith. Grant met up with some of the guys who he has met before and introduced them to the crew.

Andy Gibson. Could be backside, could be frontside. He's got both!

Andy Gibson. Could be backside, could be frontside....

As the comp got into full swing there were some crazy tricks being thrown down from all ages. On Matthew Helingoe’s second run on the slope he stunned the crowd with a HUGE Superman, bigger than any other done that day. Ross Cruickshank was laying down the line with some solid backflips, misty5s and 360 safetys. Angus Jacobs was holding it down for the homies by throwing some huge airs, steezy 360s and attempting a 720. Grant Donald was riding sound, giving the judges something to think about with some switch 360s and some 540s. Home-boy Emmet Strachan was in superb form showing his rivals how it’s done, with some 360s with a variety of grabs and some 540s. Andy Gibson was doing some big 360s in both directions and a BIG 540. Little Nathan was giving it large with some sweet airs and grabs. Kris Bell was dropping in with style and throwing dome sweet spins off of the kicker, as well as Jonathan Watson giving abuse to Grant and the skiers. Fin and Kelian Bremner were riding well, Fin was judged as riding normal when he was actually riding switch which was a bit of a bummer, whilst Keilan was exploring the possibilities of the smaller jump and the transfer. Rowan Cameron was in great form throwing down some sound runs and not shy of showing his talent. Typical Joe Bain was in his usual form, riding well and being the joker, cracking a few jokes and pulling some funny faces that cheered up the crew.

Angus Jacobs spins to win as Emmet, Grant and Ross look on

Angus Jacobs spins to win as Emmet, Grant and Ross look on.

Having all the skiers and majority of the boarders been knocked out in the second set of qualifiers, we were left with Emmet, Kristina, Kris and Andy W still in the comp. The level of riding in the Finals went through the roof and left only Kristina and Andy W in for the super-final. Andy W went all out and went for a Corked 9 and received a generous gift of a concussion from the mat. Kristina went Old-School and did one of the sickest methods we’ve ever seen, tweaked to the max! An unexpected pipe jam resulted in some sick tricks being thrown by everyone. With the prizes just being handed out everyone was in a good mood and prepared to witness true madness. 12 Year old Tyler Harding threw a switch 10 to take home the goods and Gareth McLean went absolutely mental and threw a double front flip on his second attempt!!! SICKK!!!

** NOTICE ** the stickers we put up last time we were there had been torn down so in true style we made ourselves known once again and put them in all sorts of places , the funniest place being on the toilet seat !!!!

The next surprise to us was the Team Event, which had Team Aberdeen consisting of, Emmet, Matt, Ross, Angus and Grant. Matt and Ross attempted a tandem superman/ back flip which got a few woops from the crowd! Andy Gibson’s team was on fire, they were all cruising casually off the jumps in a train!


Craig Donald pictured with his friend Jerry, who mysteriously disappeared not long after. Not to worry though, Andy Wilson tells us that Jerry reappeared later that night....

Aberdeen Snowsports Centre’s very own Craig Donald was in a very good mood into the later half of the comp, he was clearly wasted and off his head (Jerry) he was speaking to himself and the snowflex but nothing could be more funny than Emmet taking him to the floor and Grant getting him 3 times consecutively with the “hey Craig!?! What?! NOTHING!!!” joke, despite warnings of a slap!!

Once the madness had ended we left early because nobody was in the prize giving event , it was all accepted gratefully because we were all super tired from a great day’s riding. On the way to Stirling we passed through lots of little towns which were packed with people walking around.

the Aberdeen loons take a break

The Aberdeen loons take a break

On arrival back in Aberdeen everybody bailed out the bus with sighs of relief, except Matt and Ross who started to dance and tried to see how long they could spin in a circle for!

Big shout out to Dionne and Mal for putting up with us both on the bus and off the bus, we all had a great time and hope to be back for more!!! On behalf of the riders, thanks a lot!

Photos courtesy of Mal & Dionne and the Camerons.


3 Responses to “Westbeach Snowflex series, Bearsden, 22nd August”

  1. schralp August 30, 2009 at 8:12 am #

    Nice work CREW!

    Awesome work on the site as well, great to keep up to date with whats cooking there. Good report and great pics. Keep em coming..

  2. Malcolm Judd August 30, 2009 at 8:02 pm #

    Best sticker placement on the day goes to Mrs Fiona Cameron (Rory and Rowans mum) for getting a Aberdeen Sticker on the leg of the Westbeach MC. He never saw it coming.
    Awesome piece of stealth and Fiona has set the standard for future sticker attacks.
    Bring it on!!!
    Mal J

  3. Beth August 31, 2009 at 2:29 pm #

    Amazing write up guys. Sounds like fun times, gutted I couldn’t make it, I’ll be there next time with bells on.
    Well done to all, and grand work with the stickering…

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