Freestyle night review, 16th September 2009

21 Sep

There’s been a few comps and road trips over the summer, but it’s been a while since we heard about what had been happening week-to-week on the Freestyle night at Garthdee. Fortunately, Nicol Paton took the time to tell us all about it in this report. Cheers Nicol!


Phil Webster plays out a textbook 270-on to the battleship

Phil Webster plays out a textbook 270-on to the battleship

Now that we are slowly approaching winter, we are now benefiting from our slope running that bit faster. After having a quick bite to eat and having written up an interesting trick list for the evening, I plodded on out to the Alpine slope to get some action from the rippers on film.  The kids were very eager to get their battleship trick on film, and did so in style; Lara Wood has been trying very hard not to drop any letters throughout the G.O.A.T. And we are very sure that Lara will not have dropped any this round, after getting down some sweet 50-50 board slides to switch out on the Battleship, showing some of the slightly timid lads just how its done.  Rowan Cameron stepped up his game on a few of his slides over the Battleship riding out smooth on a few after having a tough time getting his board out switch. Andy Gibson, Greg Smith and Johnny Watson were seriously struggling with riding out switch and were showing their frustrations as Greg’s girlfriend looked on in despair….

After having watched the battleship and tabletop, it was time to focus the lens on the kicker, and at first I thought the camera was playing tricks on me!! Findlay Bremner backside 7’s!! What are we going to see next from this kid?? Fin was also stomping some sweet back fives, and made the battleship look like Mal’s box the way he handled round 9’s Goat trick. Andy Gibson was chucking some huge relaxed back threes, which he almost converted into 5’s!! Chuck it harder next time Andy.


Andy Wilson takes a rare trip over the rainbow. Stomped it, of course.

Away from the Rippers and onto the adults.  By 8 o’clock the slope was buzzing with energy and atmosphere. With Andy Laird, Mark Watson, Euan Linn, Vanners and a handful of regular riders missing, we thought we were in for a somewhat mellower session, this was not to be the case: with the slope running super fast the kicker was in full flow, Edinburgh’s Will Smith came up for a couple of cheeky rides, opting to utilise the Aberdeen locals by being slung shot into the kicker resulting in some of the biggest back 7’s Garthdee has ever seen.  After seeing everyone stoked on riding, it was time to unleash the trick list!  First up front side 180 off the kicker. It was surprising how many people stepped up to the challenge, our very own Mal Judd and Beth Woodall were amongst the riders stepping it up by rising to the challenge and producing some tight tricks, including some tasty back 1 melons from Mal, and some neat and tidy front 1’s from Beth.

will lauch

Steve and Barry get ready to launch Will at the kicker

The tricks moved from the kicker to the rainbow to the flat bar. This was exciting stuff: some riders opted to miss it out, some like Andy Duthie raised the bar by stepping up to the backside board slide switch out, extremely smoothly executed by ever-improving Duthie. Almost everyone produced, Steve Gunn was killing it throughout the evening, then almost killed himself on the flat bar. Kris Bell was probably the only rider to stomp every trick called first time bar a few occasions, and he did with style, air and precision. Joe Bain pulled off a juicy 50-50 over the rainbow and followed through with a tight front 1 off the knuckle. Andy Wilson was firing on all cylinders with some huge slungshot front flips, back flips, spins and airs, impressive stuff.

It was time to move onto the kicker again, 540 was the trick, Ally Gray produced a cracker on his first attempt after struggling with them throughout the night, he then progressed onto some 7’s. Arbroath local Sam was killing it all round, if he had landed his 5’s they would have been the cream of the crop.

 After everyone stepping up their game it was time for the Final, with Kris Bell, Will Smith, Andy Wilson and Ally Gray all gunning for top spot. It was Kris Bell that took top spot, with everyone else having a slight wobble, Kris managed to produce a smooth slung shot palm air, He knows his slope well, so well done to Kris. What a great session, one of a lot more to come, lets hope we will see you all there.

 Nicol Paton.


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