Frazmatazz session review

15 Oct

Last night’s Frazmatazz slope session was a stormer. In honour of Fraz, who was down for his last Garthdee slide in what could be a while, there were plenty of flannel shirts kicking about, as well as the odd ginger wig….

Chris Gatenby and Ally Gray stood out as the riders of the night. Approriately for the occasion, Chris stomped some of the best palm airs the mat has seen in a while, while Ally showed how clean his newest tricks have already become: Cab 5, cab 7, backside 360 onto Mal’s box and super-corked back 5s. Ed Greig was back down for another session, nailing some heelside rodeos and big back 1s. Slav Gnatetski made a long-overdue return to the mat, taking the time to get some shots of the riders hitting the kicker. All in all, it was a great send-off for Fraz, a fine example of the kind of session he has been instrumental in encouraging.

Over to Nicol Paton for the final word on Fraz and all that he’s done for the slope:

Local legend Frazer Rennie has left Aberdeen and is off to start a job In York England, Frazer AKA Fraz will most certainly be gone for a few months and possibly as long as 2 years.

He will be sorely missed by all the local riders and parents of those riders and even more so by all the staff here at Aberdeen Snow sports centre,  and I’m sure by allot of people in the North east of Scotland.

Fraz has been a regular face here at Garthdee for over 4 years and has been an inspiration to many a rider, I don’t think there would be one person that comes along to our freestyle Wednesday session that hasn’t learned a bag of tricks from Fraz.

Fraz was well known for his individual style and flair also for his ability to tweak his tricks out to the max, he was more often seen helping others than he was on his own board.  There is not anyone who has a bad word to say about Fraz and I’m sure everyone will hope for the best for Fraz’s future. So raise your glass of  beer or Irn bru to him the next time you have one.

Cheers  for all the rad times Fraz!!

fraz2     fraz1


One Response to “Frazmatazz session review”

  1. Ally G October 16, 2009 at 12:39 pm #

    Nice obituary Nicol. Very heartfelt. He was a true hero, may he rest in peace! Mon the ginger tweaked method-man!

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