Dundee Rail Jam, Saturday 24th October 2009

28 Oct

Grant Donald was the Goat Post’s man on the scene at the Dundee University Rail Jam last weekend. Sounds like it was great event, with Aberdeen boasting a solid team. Read Grant’s report below:

emmet bs

Skills of the Irish: no luck required as Emmet Strachan locks in a boardslide

On the 24th October 2009 the University of Dundee was set to host a Rail Jam. With real snow being taken from the Sno!Dome in Glasgow as well as some features it was to be a good set up. The rails that were taken were a street rail


Grant Donald gets the landing gear down as Fin Bremner looks on

(single rail wide) , a short box and a down box. With a few familiar faces from Aberdeen such as Will Smith, Ben Kinnear and Mark Watson. With Matt Helingoe, Emmet Strachan, Fin Bremner and Grant Donald riding together as a group with some of the Glasgow crew alongside them. As the Jam began the rain began to pour and the snow hardened and became very icy.

On Emmet’s first run he struggled with the rail and ended up on his head next to it. Through-out the competition he stepped up his riding and showed the crowd what hes made of with a stomped 180 on 180 off the down box. Fin was sticking some sweet 180s off the rail and hit the street rail a few times which was pretty good going. Sophie Addison was throwing down some sweet 5.0s and boardslides and a 6 foot mudslide that made everyone smile ! The Mens Boarders were mostly hitting the street rail and attempting 180 on 180 off with Mark Watson and Kevin Cowie nailing a few. Despite the run-in being slower to skiiers than boarders, the skiiers were throwing lots of varieties of tricks. Switch-ups, 270s on and off galore. Bellahouston riders Gareth McLean, David Bilsland, Pierce and Rory Houlihan were doing pretzels and spinning on, making an impression to the judges. But it was Rory Houlihan who make everyone laugh by bailing into and under the rail and tearing out the boards

matt 27

Matt Hellingoe, 270-on: learned at Garthdee, stomped in Dundee.

underneath. Matthew Helingoe and Grant Donald were representing the skiiers form Aberdeen. Matt was droping in on all the rail and doing some sweet railslides. He stepped up to 270s onto the small box, which gave us some funny bails to laugh at because of the speed problems. Grant Donald was also having problems with the speed but managed to do some switch-ups, ski-slides and attempting some 2s off.

Soon prize-giving was upon us and we headed into the union bar to be first to the seats. The first set of prizes being given out were the JUNIOR SKI: 3rd place went to Grant Donald , 2nd place to Gareth McLean and 1st to David Bilsland. JUNIOR BOARD: 3rd – Fin Bremner, 2nd: Jessie (Glasgow) And a Grand first place to Emmet Strachan who won himself a pair of size 9 thirtytwo boots. Overall barring the heefin’ rain and wind everybody had a great day out and we will be back next year.

Thanks to Dom at DUSC and all the sponsors for the tee’s, do-nuts on great prizes and a brill but very wet day out.


Rogues' gallery: Fin, Kielan, Grant and Emmet.


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