Lowlander at Garthdee, Saturday 31st October 2009

4 Nov

Lowlander at Garthdee 31/12/09

Nicol’s given us the lowdown on the Lowlander, have a read. Also check out the photos in the gallery below, courtesy of the Strachans and the Camerons:

The first round of the Lowlander series at Aberdeen Snowsports centre saw skiers and boarders flock from all over Scotland.  With over 40 competitors this was the busiest Lowlander to date, not to mention all of the spectators at the bottom who helped add to the atmosphere.

With the sun shining, red bull flowing and some good tunes playing it was set to be a good day.  With the practice session starting at 12, the southerners were flipping, spinning and jibbing in all directions, this gave our local riders a wee shock and they seemed to be slightly nervous at first.  The competition was to be based on slopestyle, where you link features together. First off everyone had 2 judged runs on the kicker and quarter pipe and then it went onto the rail run where we had Mal’s box linked onto the battleship.

Stand outs at first were the well known McCormack brothers from Glasgow.  Danny was spinning not only backside 7’s but switch frontside 5’s, frontside rodeos, these were all landed flawlessly and linked onto the quarterpipe for some more spins and flips. His younger brother Matt on his board and Chris on his skis were keeping the crowds attention with a consistent flow of well executed manoeuvres.

By this stage our local riders at Garthdee realised that they were going to have to pull something special out the bag if they were to claim a place on the podium.  Local snowboarder Kris Bell was one of our  competitors that was looking strong and confident and was giving Danny McCormack a run for his money on the quarter pipe.  Angus Jacobs was most definitely giving it his all by putting a lot of effort into his newly learned 720’s, unfortunately Angus didn’t land  many of them but kept on showing his true spirit by getting back up and trying again. Once Ross Cruickshank’s nerves had settled he was pulling off some nice stunts with some sizeable switch backflips and mistly flips. Close friend Mathew Hellingoe was also improving as the afternoon progressed. Local skier Grant Donald finally found his feet after a shaky start with some sweet switch 3’s followed by his signature flare in the quarter pipe. Whilst the older, more experienced Andy Wilson and Mike Hewson owned the slopes with some huge spins from Mike followed by big airs in the quarter pipe, it seemed Andy was going to be the guy to beat with his switch 7’s followed by switch rodeos in the quarter pipe, although Hector Barbour stepped up his game as the competition went on.

It was great to see the few females that we had busting a gut for a prize, although disappointingly there was only a total of  6 girls. I’m sure there are a lot more of you out there that are more than capable of competing so next time come on down and give it your best.

Stand out for the females was Natalie Riley, she was hitting the kicker with some solid 360’s followed by the same rotation on the quarter pipe; Sophie Addison did well to pull off some smooth nose grabs and later stepped up to some 180’s but unfortunately failed to land them, however she made up for that by pulling of some silky smooth jibs on the rail line. Rebecca Morrison was giving it her all on the table top with the backside 360 and some nice backside airs on the quarter pipe. Rebecca Eccles was looking solid with her line on her skis and Local Lass Beth Woodall showed off her multi talent by not only freestyling it on the skis but the board as well, good to see! Jessica Crichton had travelled all the way from Fort William and was practising the day before which secured her with some sweet 180’s.

Rowan Cameron was looking confident with his new boots and trousers, he was flying towards the kicker and quarter pipe pulling of some well executed airs, however to get a place on the podium will perhaps need to step up to spinning over features in the future. 

Findlay Bremner started off a little nervous then pulled things together to getting some sweet runs under his belt, Fin didn’t even use half of his trick book.  Emmet Strachan was looking really strong landing almost everything he tried, linking features together not only with style and precision but you could tell Emmet had in mind just exactly what he was going to do. This is what you need in a competition like this, a little bit of pre planning and most importantly a back up plan. It is also important to sometimes sit back and gauge what everyone else is doing and landing, this will then give you a better idea of what to go for.

The Glasgow guys seriously started stepping it up with Matt McClement going for a 1080!! Unfortunately for Matt he failed to land, never the less he kept everyone else on there toes.  Pete Medows ‘two feet Pete’ was pulling of some very smooth 7’s followed by Mctwists on the quarter pipe, this wasn’t enough to gain him first as his good friend Matt McCormack matched his 7 on the kicker and followed through with a barrel roll on the quarter which was smoothly landed.


8-11yrs Snowboarding  Emmet Strachan 1st    Findlay Bremner 2nd    Brandon bow 3rd

12-15 Snowboarding Matt McCormack 1st    Pete Medows 2nd    Matt McClement 3rd

16’s and over Snowboarding Danny McCormack 1st    Kris Bell 2nd    Mitch Flynn 3rd


 Female Boarding. Natalie Riley 1st    Sophie Addison  2nd    Beth Woodall  3rd

 Female Ski. Bex Eccles 1st Beth Woodall 2nd.


 Ski 8-11 Chris McCormack 1st    Cal Sanderson 2nd    Angus Jacobs 3rd

Ski 12- 15 Ski  Ross Cruickshank  1st    David Bilsland 2nd    Grant Donald 3rd

Over 16’s ski. Andy Wilson 1st    Hector Barbour 2nd    Mike Hewson 3rd


All in all it was a great day and apart from our amp blowing and losing our music and MC everyone seemed to have a great day, let’s hope we can tempt all competitors up to our very own ‘OWN IT’ on the 19th of December 09.


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