Lowlander Round 2 – Bellahouston

7 Dec

21st November saw the notorious Team Aberdeen brave Glasgow for round two of the Lowlander series.  Here’s a report of what went down.  Words by Kris ‘edge killer’ Bell.

So once again the Team Aberdeen mini-bus was filled up with petrol and eager groms as it headed for Bellahouston dry slope in Glasgow for round two of the lowlander series.  After doing well in the first round all the troops were hoping to do even better this time and get more Aberdeen names on the podium. During practice it became evident that the Aberdeen guys were going to do well with top gun Mike Hewson hitting some massive 720s over Bella’s, rather small kicker, linking these up to some big airs in the quarter pipe.

 As the competition got underway the pressure seemed almost nothing to some of our groms. Matthew Hellingoe was one who dealt with the pressure as he stuck down some sick flairs on the quarter pipe. Rowan Cameron also proved he can do well under pressure and kept his cool doing some stylish 360s. Although things were looking like they were going well on the kicker and quarter pipe the rails proved a little more tricky for some competitors. One of which was Ross Cruikshank who did what skiers must not do over a rail and separated his legs, we’ll leave it at that! He was not the only one to take a bail over this box as myself (Kris Bell) managed to rip my edge out after getting into the finals which meant I had to pull out. Further up the rail run Natalie Riley also had a bit of a problem on the top box where she slipped out and caught her tailbone. Not phased by this she got on with the competition and managed to get first place female boarder along with the other two podium places being filled by Aberdeen females Sophie Addison and Lara Wood.

Findlay Bremner once again placed strongly picking up first place in the 8-11 year old category. Fin stood out among the rest of his age group showing not only to have skills on the rails but hitting some sick tricks over the kicker that some of the adults weren’t even trying. Rowan Cameron did well to come second in this age group and was stoked with getting on the podium.  Grant Donald also showed his style over the features solidly hitting thee rails with 270s out. Unfortunately, he struggled trying to land his hand drag 360 over the kicker, but still did enough to secure a second place in a tough category.

After receiving their many prizes the Aberdeen guys boarded the bus and headed onwards for an eventful journey home.

Check out the video of the day here.  Filmed by Dave J, edited by Mal J.

Team Aberdeen Results:

Snowboard Boys 8-11

Fin Bremner  – 1st Place

Rowan Cameron – 2nd Place

Snowboard Girls (combined categories)

Natalie Riley – 1st Place

Sophie Addison – 2nd Place

Lara Wood – 3rd Place

Ski Boys – 8-11

Angus Jacobs – 3rd place

Ski boys 12-15

Grant Donald – 2nd place

Ski Male 16+

Mike Hewson – 1st place



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