Airbag = Airtime – yeah

9 Dec

Nicol did a fantastic job of organising a highly popular Airbag session last Wednesday night. Here’s a wee video made by our own Bert Burry (AKA Robbie), Nicols write up of the night, and a copy of the Newspaper article in the  Aberdeen Press & Journal – we’ll make you famous…

Finally after 5 months of on and off contact and organisation, we finally secured the Airbag to the bottom of the Dendix slope here at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre.  The night was set to be a big one, with both 2 hour sessions more or less full to the brim.

Around 4 O’clock Nick Reese from Airbag arrived in his truck, surrounded by a sturdy bunch of guys waiting to unload the bag.

By half past four the bag was ready to go with the somewhat whopper of a jump standing  before it.  To begin with, the first session of mainly Groms seemed slightly intimidated by the jump. However after a few straight airs and practice runs almost everyone was flipping and spinning.

The whole idea of bringing the Airbag to Aberdeen was not just to have something a little different to offer our customers but to give people the opportunity to try tricks they have always wanted to do but were perhaps scared of the consequences.  The Airbag eliminated any of these fears as there was absolutely no impact on the landing whatsoever.

To begin with it was quite funny to watch as you could see the fear in some people’s eyes as they got closer to the jump, almost like they were treating it as massive jump with no landing.

Coaches Chris Mahoney, Andy Wilson, Mike Hewson and Nicol Paton were on hand to give the kids some ideas and boost their confidence during the session. This was rather difficult as the kids were so excited with a few nerves mixed in that they found it hard to take in information and they seemed more interested in just going for it. This was absolutely fine, after all it was the first time the Airbag was here and the kids blatantly had a few tricks up their sleeves. Although we did have to encourage a few who were consistently going for straight airs!! The whole idea is it doesn’t hurt!  Remember that next time guys and make the most of it.

 Skier Grant Donald was really impressive, with various flips and flat spins, the young gun had fantastic aerial awareness. Ross Cruickshank was hitting the kicker at some pace pulling of some impressive stunts.  Angus Jacobs was spinning to win and his little brother Fin was going for some front flips, which he succeeded in later on. Fin Bremner was doing well with some sweet misty’s along with some under flips, Emmet Strachan was finding it difficult to go over his head initially, however after a wee bit of encouragement he was pulling of some sick off axis spins.

Stand out for me with the young snowboarders was Andy Gibson unreal what he was pulling of showing us all what potential he has.

Barry Parker opted for the 5-7pm session which was predominately young guns. Barry was unreal in the air not only pulling off rodeos but double rodeos, along with some nice misty’s, nice work Barry!

 Soon it was time for the later ‘older session’ to start; the pressure was on everyone to do something impressive after the performance the kids put on.  By this time we had the Evening Express and the Press and Journal along taking some snaps and obtaining some info from the slopes General Manager- David Jacobs.  Robbie Burry was pulling off some lovely misty’s, I think he even managed a double at one point!, Steve Cassie had some sick back flips and corked spins, he also tried his hands at a few heel side rodeo’s, Craig Rumbles was looking silky smooth in the air with an abundance of tricks, personally I really like this guys style, he seems to learn fast and also has the natural ability to make things look really nice. We need him along more often!! Steve Gunn was in his element throwing himself in all sorts of shapes and directions. Jack Leonard was one of a few trying out the back flip.  Natalie Riley was also showing of her skills by nailing some rodeos, they were looking real nice! I’m sure we will see these off the Kicker soon from this young talented rider who always seems to be oozing with drive passion and enthusiasm.

We had a lot of our own Instructors/Staff trying out the bag but also generated a huge interest from all around the North East.  This event really was a huge success; I don’t think there was one person who didn’t walk away with a new trick, or at least a big smile.  We will do our best to accommodate another Airbag session here at Aberdeen Snow sports Centre.

Thanks to all who attended, and we all look forward to seeing you crazy cats trying your new tricks off the kicker!!



Check out more photo’s from the Press and Journal here


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