Granite City Girls moving and shaking

10 Dec
Movers & Shakers Women

199 Movement +152 Riley, N GBR +152
211 Movement +149 Addison, S GBR +149
226 Movement +148 Morrison, R GBR +148
236 Movement +147 Woodall, B GBR +147
144 Movement +137 Thorarinsdottir, E NOR +137

If you happen to cast your eyes upon the Swatch TTR World Snowboard Tour website and glace over to a box on the right hand side of the page you may notice four names that you know…

Yes Natalie, Sophie, Rebbecca and Beth are shaking things up and moving on up the ranks…  Thanks to the Lowlander series we are getting some points on a world scale, just shows you where entering a couple of comps can get you.  I am going to enjoy my name up in the bright lights while they are still there, I am pretty sure I won’t be up there for long.

If you too are a registered competitor and have been entering the Lowlander series check out your world ranking at

If you want to see what the girls get up to in their sessions check out this wee video, filmed by Beth and Natalie, edited by Natalie.  All footage was taken during the December session, Granite City girls is on the first Friday of every month 5-7 pm if you’d like to join us see you in the 2010.

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