Lowlander Round 3 report

14 Dec


As promised, here’s Emmet’s report on the Hillend lowlander.

Lowlander round 3 was at Hillend in Edinburgh after being in Bella for round 2 and the one before at Garthdee in Aberdeen for round 1.

The slope was sound and had two kickers and a Small box down the bottom of the slope, but had no quarterpipe which every one from Aberdeen was gutted about. The down side was that there was a massive barrier at the end of the slope but behind that was the wee box so nobody could see what anyone else was doing on it, to give them an idea of what tricks to do. Over all though the slope was really good.

Every one on their first few runs were taking it easy because the kicker was a lot different than back home in Aberdeen but soon after Ross and Matt were doing their front flips and back flips nay problem.

Andy Gibson was standing out a lot throwing some massive 5’s and even going for some 7’s.

 Grant Donald was throwing some sweet tricks like 5 tails and switch 3’s.

Mike Hewson was riding absolutely Sick by doing some Tail 7’s and a massive Rodeo 7’s I think it was But soon after tried an other 7 and landed right on the flat landing and buckled his knee in but he kept fighting on and done really well.

Kris Bell was and other sick rider throwing some massive 5’s and massive 1’s and as well done really good.

 Angus was riding absolutely crazy by doing some amazing 7’s and taking a few really hard hits but no, no . He got straight back up and kept going as well throwing some really big 3’s with various grabs.

The day was Brilliant for all of us and thanks Dave in the mini bus for taking us all down and Mal in the car as well.


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