Team Groms on Tour

22 Dec

The mini groms have started to get sick of watching their older brothers get all the road trip fun and convinced their parents to hook them up with tickets and travel down to Glasgow for the Salomon Grom Camp being coached by Pat Sharples.  Here’s a write up from the day by Neil Cameron (Rory’s dad).

On Saturday 12 December 09, Team Aberdeen Groms, Rory Cameron (7) and Keilan Bremner (6) made the long journey south to Bearsden to take part in the Salomon Grom Camp.  Under the watchful eye of coach Pat Sharples, Rory and Keilan joined a group of 20 other groms ranging in age from 5 to 16, soaking up the atmosphere of the event and battling the freezing fog!    Bearsden’s slope presented no problem to the Garthdee lads who were far from intimidated by the standard of some of the other older groms and showed their Glasgow compatriots their own (Aberdeen grown) talent with Keilan stomping some slick 180’s and 360’s over the table top and Rory going higher and higher on each jump progressively adding more complex and varied grabs and shifty’s.    Despite a solid four hours shredding neither wanted to leave the slope at the end of the day and were definitely proud wearers of their new Team Aberdeen Groms Hoodies!  The boys presence and commitment did not go unnoticed by Salomon with a promise of a Grom Camp in Aberdeen next season. Watch this space…

Thanks to the Camerons and Bremners for taking the groms down to Glasgow.  Hopefully we can get some more tips set up for the Grom team in the future.


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