Own it 09 write up

24 Dec

With plenty of snow falling, a good set up, plenty of riders, a flaming barbeque and a slick sounding dj, Own it was set to be radical.

This was to be the second eagerly anticipated Own it that Aberdeen Snowsports Centre was to host. With an array of talented riders hitting up all features on the slope, preparing themselves for the formatted 2 judged runs per feature. From Females to Males Juniors to seniors Snowboarders to Skiers everyone was out to impress the judges. Word had it there was some sick prizes to be won, not only that, but to put the icing on the cake there was also the coveted Trophy to get your name on?.

With Mal Judd and Jon Addison on the judging duties, it was soon apparent who was out to impress. Craig Howie was looking super smooth off the kicker producing some of the most pristine spins we have seen here off the garthdee kicker as I’m sure most would agree, Local lad Andy Gibson was on form with some cleanly executed frontside 720’s, Andy was also stepping up the game on the quarter pipe, forcing other competitors to step up their game. Andy Goodenough (Goodies) was seriously impressive taking a fast and dangerous line into the quarter at Mack ten speeds spinning like a saucer. Mark Watson last year’s winner was pulling off the odd heart stopping tricks, these kept the freezing cold crowd alive whilst they sipped on their hot chocolates kindly provided by Aberdeen Snowsports Centre. There was also some monkey Magic going on from Edinburgh’s talented Stuart Horsham, he killed the whole slope, impressive after being out with a knee injury for over a year. Skiers Angus Jacobs and Grant Donald were looking confident with some silky smooth stuff and were coping with the arctic conditions well as others struggled to stay on their feet. Andy Wilson was on top of his game no surprises there. It was soon apparent Andy didn’t have a huge amount of competition and was going to re attain his title of owning it for the skiers.
With the Ladies, Lara wood was pulling off some smooth frontsides on the rails coupled up with some tweaked out nose slides on the battleship, Claire Bevis was managing some front threes over the tabletop and Beth Woodall along with Rebecca Eccles also stepped up the threes on their skis. Stealing the show after some hard practice was local ripper Natalie Rilley, Natalie didn’t really need to pull off any mc twists on the quarter pipe as it seemed no other female was up for getting even a little out of their comfort zone, Natalie still pushed herself and won everything she could have done. Well done to the lass, next year Natalie is hoping there will be another girl that will push her limits.
Team Aberdeen Groms were looking good next to the Glasgow and Edinburgh youngsters, great to see the wee rippers building up a relationship with one and other and keeping it nice and friendly but at the same time competitive.

So after a cold and exciting day Skier Andy Wilson and Boarder Mark Watson had done a great job of keeping their titles respectively for the second year running.

A final word goes out to our sponsors – without whom the day would not have been possible. So big ups to: Granite Reef, Boarderline, Craigdon mountain sports, Nikita, North east Peripherals, Westbeach, A-line Audio and Aberdeen Snowsports Club. And everyone else who helped make the day a success.

In the meantime have a great Christmas everyone keep on sliding and shredding!! All the best for the New Year and we hope to see all of you competitors here next year.

Mal Judd, Nicol Paton, Natale Rilley a bit of a mix


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