Own It Results

31 Dec

Here’s a breakdown of the days results for Own It. 

A great day was had by all and there are some great photos now up on the pages section of the blog.

Click here to go to the photos: https://thegoatpost.wordpress.com/own-it-gallery/

(sorry for the formatting! Can’t get it to line up, will be fixed in the New Year)

Overall Skier: Andrew Wilson

Overall Snowboarder: Mark Watson

Craigdon Kicker Results_______________________

Female Snowboard             

Junior                                   Senior                                                    

1st  Lara Wood                    1st Natalie Riley

2nd Rebecca Morrison    2nd Clare Bevis

                                                   3rd Beth Woodall

 Female Ski 

 Junior                                  Senior

1st Anna Vincetti                1st Beth Woodall 

                                                   2nd Rebecca Eccles

Male Snowboard  

Junior                                   Senior         

1st Matt McCormick          1st Mark Watson  

2nd Joe Bain                         2nd Craig Howie    

3rd Finlay Bremner           3rd Stuart Horsham   

Male Ski

 Junior                                  Senior

1st Chris McCormick         1st Andrew Wilson

 2nd Matthew Hellingoe   2nd Stuibhart Deans

 3rd Ross Cruickshank       3rd Rory Deasy

Boarderline Rails Results_____________________ 
Female  Snowboard  

Junior                                    Senior

 1st Lara Wood                      1st Natalie Riley

2nd Rebecca Morrison     2nd Clare Bevis      

                                                    3rd Beth Woodall 

  Female Ski

  Junior                                  Senior

1st Anna Vincetti                 1st Rebecca Eccles

                                                    2nd Beth Woodall

Male Snowboard

Junior                                    Senior  

1st Emmet Strachan   1st Kris Bell

2nd Finlay Bremner           2nd Craig Howie

 3rd Matt McCormick        3rd Stuart Horsham  

Male Ski

Junior                                   Senior            

 1st Grant Donald                1st Andrew Wilson

 2nd Chris McCormick      2nd Stuibhart Deans

3rd Matthew Hellingoe     3rd Rory Deasy

Granite Reef ¼ Pipe Results_________________________

Female  Snowboard                     

Junior                                     Senior                            

1st Rebecca Morrison         1st Natalie Riley      

2nd Lara Wood                      2nd Clare Bevis  

                                                     3rd Beth Woodall

Female Ski

 Junior                                   Senior

 1st Anna Vincetti                1st Beth Woodall

                                                     2nd Rebecca Eccles

 Male Snowboard  

Junior                           Senior  

1st Matt McCormick           1st Andy Gibson  

2nd Finlay Bremner           2nd Kris Bell            

3rd Matt Corry                     3rd Mark Watson  

Male Ski

Junior                                    Senior            

1st Grant Donald                   1st Andrew Wilson

2nd Chris McCormick          2nd Stuibhart Deans 

3rd Matthew Hellingoe        3rd Rory Deasy


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