Goat Of The Hill

8 Jan

For those of you who don’t know there was a wee contest being held where you got together in teams and between the dates set had team sessions at our very own dryslope and filmed yourself doing gnarly stunts, the crazier the better!! For each trick you got a set amount of points, but it was not just about the points each team had fun riding and filming together (especially Team RADSTORM!! who had the most fun).

There were 2 main teams that entered with a 3rd more fun edit. These teams were Team McGnarly Pants, team members, Robbie Burry, Ben Kinnear, Andy Laird, Matt Gibson, Will Smith & Sophie Addison.

Team RADSTORM, team members, Ally Gray, Barry Parker, Chris Rettie, Gavin Rettie, Craig Rumbles & Natalie Riley.

TEAM RADSTORM KICKED TEAM McGNARLY PANTS ASS!! Take a look at the edits and see for yourself….

Team McGnarly Pants, edited by Robbie Burry

Team RADSTORM, edited by Chris Rettie and I’m sure you’ll all agree Chris has some mad editing skillz, good work!

Let’s hope there’s more teams enter next time as it’s super good fun. Be inspired dudes and dudettes!!


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