Lowlander Round 4 – The final plastic round

20 Jan

Hi all, so it has arrived the fourth and final round of the Lowlander series, scores are up on the Snowsport Scotland website and some catagories are looking pretty close (will add a link once their website is working, is down at the moment).   The fourth round could be a big one before everyone steps it up on to the snow based Highlander series.  Bearsden is hosting the fourth round this Saturday so if your keen to get those final points and perhaps win another beanie or pair of boxer shorts then get your name on the bus list.  Seriously though after entering the others it’s in your interest to keep those points high and get recognision from this series, the official Scottish Series.  The bus will be leaving later than usual as registration is not until 4pm due to tubing on the slope!  We will be leaving at 12 noon so you’ll all get a lie in this time, costs are  £10 for fuel, £10 entry, £5 slope fee £5 insurance if you are not a registered competitor.  Due to the late start time we might not be back till quite late so you’ll need to let your pick up parents know. Cheers.


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