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27 Jan

Congratulations to everyone who entered competitions last weekend.  There was a double bill with the last of the Lowlander series being taken place at Bearsden in Glasgow and a Bairns race at the Lecht.

With the good snow conditions on the Scottish hills it was great to see a planned race go ahead, a couple of the Aberdeen Grom Team headed up to represent ASC on the day.  They joined up with Glenshee performance club to get some coaching on what to do and where to be.  For Tommy and Rory it was their first race so I am sure they are grateful for help they received.  Hannah Gray also got a good time for her runs, final results are still to be announced.  Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the experience and by all accounts want more.     

The usual crew headed down to Glasgow in the minibus to the fourth and final round of the Lowlander series.  With a busy turn out it was hard to get many practice runs in but after an hour of practice it was time to get into it.  Everyone new what was at stake with the points and were trying to make sure they held their positions on the leaderboards. 

Hector Barbour held on to the top spot coming 1st in the  over 16’s skiing, with Aberdeen’s Andy Wilson coming in 3rd.  In the 12-15’s Ross failed to hold on to his top position after failing to land in both qualifying runs, this left Grant to make sure he landed his tricks to get enough points ahead of Ross in the overall rankings, Grant wisely played it safe landing enough to gain 3rd in this round, putting him 1st overall.

In the 8-11 Keilan Bremner held is own being the first in the competition to make it to the end of the rail setup (more on this later), gaining a prize for 3rd place – stoked.

In the girls skiing Hillends Anna Vincetti was looking confident, doing some solid 3’s and trying some switch 5’s off the kicker (almost there Anna) she took a well deserved 1st place. Aberdeen’s Beth was playing it safe (due to being the bus driver and only way for everyone to get home, and to just make sure she gained enough points to keep her 1st place overall ranking)  this ensured a second place this round. 

In the snowboarding Andy Gibson efforts gained him a 3rd place in the over 16’s,  Rowan gained third in the 8-11’s and Fin Bremner came in 1st, well done Fin. 

Again the Aberdeen girls created their own category (where are all the female snowboarders in Scotland?).  Natalie one again ruled laying down some solid 3’s off the kicker, Lara came in second with some tidy grabs over the tabletop and Rebecca came third with some airs off the table. 

The overall feeling at the comp wasn’t as high as the previous rounds, with a lack of any tunes being played and a rail run that was near impossible to get enough speed to reach the end of it was a shame that the series didn’t finish with a bang.  And where was all the Red Bull to get us fired up..

Next up is the Highlander competitions – the on snow series.  The results from these comps will be added to the Lowlander rankings to see who reigns overall in Scottish Snowsports.  Watch this space… 

Keep an eye on the Snowsports Scotland webpage for competition results.


2 Responses to “Competition news”

  1. fin bremner January 29, 2010 at 7:25 pm #

    hey guys I got 1st at bearsden! awesome news about the sports aid for Grant and Kris – well deserved……

  2. thegoatpost February 1, 2010 at 4:36 pm #

    Sorry about that Fin, have updated the review. Well done.

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