Lecht Bairns Race Results

1 Feb

As promised here’s the results from our Groms trip to the Lecht for the Lecht Bairns race.  Neil also passed on a classic quote from Rory (aged 7) summing up the versitility of Team Aberdeen, upon finishing his race… 

 “Dad, can we go to the rail park now?”.

And to the results.

Representing Team Aberdeen:

Run 1/Run 2/ Run3 – Best 2 run total

Hannah Gray – 43.54/43.89/46.05 – 01.27.43 (Winner Rhona Price – 1.23.06)

William Gray – 49/49.34/55.08  – 01.38.34 (Winner Owen Vinter – 1.20.48)

Tommy Cockburn – 48.7/50.27/51.48 – 01.38.97 (less than a second behind William – winner as above)

Rory Cameron – 53.31/54.50/56.99 – 01.47.81 (winner as above)

Once again guys, well done especially those racing for the first time.



Team Groms Yeah


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