Nat Attack’s Europe!!!!

31 Mar

So the guy’s at the dry mat have asked me (Ratalie Niley a.k.a Panda) to tell yee Goats about my EPIC trip riding in Europe for the first time!! And yes I did come back with a vivid goggle tan hence the Panda eyes, but I say your just all jealous of it, haha!!!!

Through taking part in the Scottish Lowlader series and coming first overall in my age group I won a trip with Synergy Snowsports on their first ever Park Tour Camp! This came as a HUGE surprise and did’nt realise you could win anything like this, sooooo stoked to have been given this opportunity so a big thank you to them 🙂

So off to Switzerland it was riding 6 parks in 6 days!! It was AMAZING, lot’s to work on with my riding as hitting park features on snow is a whole lot different than the dry matt and conditions are constantly changing, so you have to learn to adapt and scope out the best way to run in to the kickers or rails, starting off hitting the smaller features and progressing up to the bigger features once you feel confident in what your doing! I had some bad habit’s that I had to sort out which made everything a whole lot easier when ammended, so was constantly learning new things about my riding style for sure.

Crew of riders for most of the park tour!

The 6 parks we ventured too were Scuol, Lenzerheide, Davos, St Moritz, Laax and Arosa! I could’nt choose a favourite out of them as they all had features I enjoyed riding and was awesome to see the local riders at each killing it and seeing the possibilites!!

Barrel tap at Lenzerheide

Awesome backdrop rail at Laax

Mute grab St Moritz


Now onto Tignes to stay with Ben Kinnear and get some BASI coaching from Alliance. I left Davos Platz at 06:55 and 12 hours, 5 trains later I was in Bourg St Maurice, then onto Tignes!! Unfortunatelly I did not get to ride with Ben much during the week cause he is super busy out there and was off to the Brit’s on the Thursday but had a rad wee half pipe session with him on the Monday morning, riding the European X-Games half pipe, it’s RAD! Half pipe is not something I have had the chance to ride before but on this trip have really enjoyed riding the pipe, love it 🙂 A highlight at the end of each day was the Alliance crews ride home!! Jib jib jib jib jib jib jib front flip, YEAH, sooooo much fun 😀

Hiking the European X-Games Half Pipe

I learnt A LOT about my riding technique and riding on snow through the BASI training and felt a massive progression from beginning to end of week, a lot of hard work and effort went into fixing what was wrong with it! Training with 2 other guys who are looking to do their level 3 meant that I learnt a lot from watching them ride too and their experiences! Thank you to Simon from Alliance for the coaching and a big thank you to Ben for letting me stay with you while out there, Tignes is such an amazing place to ride, I even got to ride my first line in some untouched pow the last day, the best way to end the trip! Was sad to leave, especially when it was dumping down with snow 😦

Over the 2 weeks it really opened my eyes up to the possibilties out there for a snowboarder and can see why people go and do seasons! Although dry slope is awesome to ride on cause you can ride all year and can progress your freestyle riding on it, it just does not compare to snow, you’ve got the whole mountain(s) to play on and a huge variety of terrain to ride to help push your riding providing a constant challenge!!
So get out there and ride some snow dudes!!

Gnarly Natalie a.k.a Nat Attack


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