21 May

So Wed night saw the final of the Carpet Burn Cup 2010, leaving the EPIC battle that is the Boarder X as the final round and it did not dissapoint….. The groms were first up to battle it out down the course with the under 16 girls ski being some of the best races to watch as they were close but it was Ella Still who was victorious also winning the overall title. Emmet Strachan the wee flying leprechaun was unstoppable zooming down the course even beating the adults in practice so unsurprisingly won although Rowan and Rohaan put up a good fight, this meant Emmet lifted the cup for the second year running mad props dude!


The cbc has been what has been pushing the groms to try their hardest and have that fire in their eyes and Findlay Jacobs for me was the one who showed the most how happy he was to lift the cup for the under 10 category grinning from ear to ear!!
Now it was onto the adults to battle it out….. With Nicol Paton looking for victory he showed some strong riding and in a tightly fought race against Barry Parker (Barry’s board obviously was’nt freshly waxed like in the slalom round!!) moved onto the final against legendary Matt Gibson, oooooooo this was gonna be a good race and it was, pretty damn close but Nicol managed to edge his way into first, well done. Then the roles were reversed for the overall title with Matt leading the overall standings and Nicol coming in 2nd with Andrew Balfour new to the competition scene coming 3rd keep an eye on this dude he’s continually improving!!

Now the over 16 females had some close races, with what was probably the most amusing of the night being the final between Lara Wood and Gnarley Natalie who seemed to be doing some sort of dance as they went over the jump together with Lara managing to find that extra bit of speed at the end to win!! Lara also lifted the trophy for this year with Clare Bevis and Sarah Smith coming in 2nd and 3rd, there’s been a good turn out of girls this year which has been good to see!!

Now onto the skiers…..

with freestyler Andy Wilson getting used to racing down the course he did enough to hold off the competition from Craig Donald and Andy Begg who came 2nd and 3rd, where they had one awesome battle leaving Begg wiped out on the wedge while Craig rode off laughing his head off, haha!! Andy Wilson winning the title again for the second year running with Andy Begg 2nd and Mike Hewson who could’nt make lying 3rd.
Once all the presentations were over we had what turned into a flipping session on the jumps with Mark Watson coming so so close to landing the double front flip amazing to see!!

Congratulations to all the winners, and a massive thank you to all who took part it has been amazing year so far for progression at the slope throughout all ages of riders and this has been showcased throughout the various rounds of the cbc, next up will be GOAT so hopefully we’ll see you all taking part!!

Thank you to Wully Donald as I’ve used some of his awesome photo’s of the night!

Here’s the junior prizegiving photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There are more photos to follow, some classics so keep a look out..


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