attack of the G.O.A.T

24 May

The end of the Carpet Burn Cup and the arrival of sunshine and light nights means one thing here.  It’s GOAT time! 

Like last year’s series, over the summer months there will be a list of tricks with deadlines set in which you have to learn, land and get filmed doing said tricks.  Not an easy task so you’ll need to be working your little billy goat socks off trying to get those tricks nailed in time.  The first deadline is Wednesday 2nd June and the trick you need to nail is a 180 indy grab for snowboarders and a 180 Japan / Tail grab for skiers on either the tabletop or kicker.

We are releasing the full list of tricks this year so you can have a sneak preview of what’s in store for you this summer.  Most of the tricks are similar to last year with some cheeky grabs added in.  Last year’s trick tip videos are still available on the GOAT pages, click here to take a look.

To see year’s tricks and deadlines click trick list.


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