GOAT Round 1 – video link

12 Jun

The Goat series has begun and our spies have seen many of you out praticing your tricks with your list of tricks in your pocket and encouragement all round, tricks are been stomped.  I witnessed a few people struggling with getting those 180’s round with you all been used to spinning 3’s or more, soon enough though with a bit of tweaking the filmed runs began.  Now Goat Round 1 has been and gone, Andy Begg has been compiling the videos and I think you’ll all agree has got some amazing shots of you guys pulling your back 180 melons and 180 japan grabs.  Enjoy the show.

GOAT Round 1

I hope you’ve all been getting some practice in for round 2 – half cab indy for snowboarders / switch 180 for skiers.  Filming will be on the 16th June (this Wednesday) however if you can’t make it and you want to send your own films in email them as an attachment clearly named with your name and goat 2 as the file name to thegoatpost@gmail.com.

Nice one.


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