Sunday Kids Club try out the rails

27 Jul

Summer Series Part 2 – Rail Jam!

Sorry for the delay in the post – I was choosing to lie on a beach on holiday so haven’t been around to post this great write up from Barry. Sounds like a great session and since our summer appears to be over here we’ll maybe have a few more for round 3 in August.

Due to the summer weather and many choosing to lie on a beach over sliding down a snowboard slope in scorching sunshine, the numbers were not what past weeks have seen. 6 rippers turned up ready to shred the gnar and slide some rails….
The practice time saw many new tricks tried and some interesting bails….some sore bums for sure!
Competition brought out the best from all athletes, and with the vuvuzela’s blasting the pressure was on. Rebecca Gray, the only girl in the field, brought her A game with her, throwing down straight 50-50’s on both judged runs with straight running into the rail, a skill just learnt in the earlier practice session!

The boys showed a real competitive spirit, with all competing and trying their hardest, which was great to see.
Conner Watt and Pete Smith unfortunately missed a Podium place but still performed smooth sliding style. Conner’s first run saw a confident 50-50 and this then progressed to a frontside boardslide on his last run, unfortunately an early dismount from the rail held him back from full marks. Pete Smith was going for the win from the start, unfortunately as the difficulty increases so does the risk…which pete found out the hard way…
Podium time –
3rd place was picked up by wee Andy Budge, who always seems to learn new tricks every time he is riding – great to see! He was also awarded the most points for his run of 50-50 to boardslide switch out (9.3 out of 10).
2nd place was taken by Jordan Webster, coming back strong after a thumb surgery, a nervous start saw him fall on his first run, but with a strong second and third run stomping 50-50 tail tap out both times. He racked up the points quickly.
1st Place was a close one to call, but with Josh Watt’s confidence and speed on the rail, it was hard to see anyone beat him. 3 cleanly landed runs and strong tail taps off the box saw Josh slide into first place.

Overall an awesome day was had by all competitors and we hope to see you all at the next summer series event!

1st – Josh Watt 18.3
2nd – Jordan Webster 18.0
3rd – Andy Budge 17.8
4th – Conner Watt 16.5
5th – Pete Smith 15
6th – Rebecca Gray 14


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