Westbeach Comp and Club AGM

8 Aug

Saturday 18th September is going to be a big day down at the slope with a double event whammy. Westbeach will be hosting the 2nd round of the Snowflex Series for the first time north of Glasgow with us here at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre. We are honoured to be the centre of choice and as always, plan to make a good one. This is one of the big dryslope comps and they have a prize pool of goodies worth £25 000!! Wow, remember you’ve got to be in it to win it so make sure you register at http://snowflexseries.westbeach.com/registration/

There will be a bbq on the go, some banging tunes and hopefully a bit of an after party. From 4pm over on the dendex slope and log cabin we’ll be running some fun ski competitions for kids and adults and holding our annual AGM for Aberdeen Snowsports Club. This is open to all members and all members are encouraged to participate, especially if you interested in become more hands on in the club. We hope to invite other clubs along to have a bit of friendly competition and an interclub race.

All in all its going to be a great day, put the date in your diaries and cross your fingers for some dry weather.
Cheers all, spread the word.


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