New: Rider of the Month

9 Sep

Rider of the month

What is rider of the month?
Rider of the month will be an ongoing competition with a skier and snowboarder being chosen each month as the overall best rider of that month.

How will it be judged?
Riders will be judged on their overall progression throughout the month. They will also be chosen for having a good attitude and the ability to get others stoked simply by watching them.

So, who will be judging?
Nobody will know who is judging. Judges will be chosen each month but must keep it a secret until the end of the month. A different judge or judges will be chosen every month.

Will there be any prizes?
Of course there will be prizes. The best riders of the month will each get a t-shirt designed by our very own Natalie Riley. Furthermore they will each get a photo to be displayed in the log cabin and a profile piece here on the goatpost.

Sounds good but, how much will it cost?
There will be no added cost; just the usual slope entrance fee

Sounds awesome, get yourself down to the slope and get shredding and might be the chosen one.


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