Own It 2010 – The Review

12 Oct

The 3rd Own It is done and dusted for another year and what a competition it was.

It was mainly a local affair this year with the exception of the Trinder brothers from Aviemore stepping up to compete against the locals whilst quickly adjusting to dry mat riding.

There were a lot of faces missing from previous years due to holidays and other events being on the same day, but this meant that a bunch of new faces that hadn’t been involved before entered this year and the competition was fierce.

This year there was a new category introduced in the form of Under 10’s ski and snowboard which gave the groms experience in competing in a top level event and the ability to slide alongside some of the best skiers and boarders in the country, and they held their own. The enthusiasm and sportsmanship shown by these young rippers was great to see, they were cheering each other on and having a really fun time.

Finlay Jacobs took honors’ in the skiing for his big tricks off the jumps and solid rail runs.

Chasing him up was Keilan Bremner coming in 2nd who had a really progressive session, and in 3rd spot was Rory Cameron showing everyone a textbook 360 off the jump. Special mention goes out to Tommy Cockburn who being new to freestyle skiing, showed he is not afraid to go big or fast and will be one to watch in future events.

In the Female Under 10’s we had Hannah Gray solely raising the banner for female skiing, she scored herself some nice prizes and stepped up to Mal’s box for the 1st time on the day. Good effort!

For the Boarders it was a hotly contested battle between Zarak Sandini and Duncan Trilk with Zarak sneaking in there in the end to secure 1st placing. Both walked away with a tidy prize pack and a huge Own It tee that they will eventually grow into in about 5 years!

In the 10-15 age category things started to step up, we get bigger air, more rotation and style becomes a factor. In skiing Angus Jacobs claims 3rd place with a really strong rail performance, Andrew Hadfield in 2nd place stomping a 720 spin off the kicker and Lewis Wilson stepping up to claim 1st prize and in the process earning the name Rail Slayer from ski judge Craig Donald.

On the boarding side Finlay Bremner played it safe on the kickers but dominated the rails to secure himself 3rd spot, Joe Bain claimed 2nd place demonstrating how cool one can look on a snowboard. In 1st place it was Nathan Sim’s day showing consistency in everything he did, big floaty airs off the jumps and stomping a nice tail 270 in his rail run. Other standouts in this age group were Rowan Cameron looking smooth on his jumps and rails, Angus Trinder who will be one to check out on snow and Ally Rodgers, Jordan Webster and Ross Horgan who will be serious contenders in upcoming events.

In the 16+ age group, the big kids thrilled spectators and judges with a show that had everyone on the edges of their seats. Each year the standard seems to get better and this year was no exception.

In skiing, Andrew Wilson has dominated this competition for the last 2 years and had set the standard for everyone else to try and beat. With competition from big name skiers like Stiubhart Deans, Aleksandro Isidoris, Adam Hunter and Andrew Begg, it was not gonna be a walk in the park for Andy. But with no falls on any of his runs and busting out a 1080 off the kicker there was no doubt in the judge’s mind that Andy had stolen the top placing once again winning in the process £300 to spend at Craigdon Mountain Sports on new K2 ski’s. A brave effort from Aleksandro throwing down clean inverted spins secured 2nd place ahead of Stiubhart Deans and his superman front flips claiming 3rd place.

Ladies skiing saw a battle between Beth Woodall and Katie Boyd. They scored the exactly same marks in their rail runs. So it was down to the kicker and quarter pipe runs where the decision would be made. Both had clean runs with 360 spins being thrown but it was Beth who stole the show by busting out her backflip and claiming a new nickname, BFB back flip betty! Both Ladies took home a swag of prizes thanks to Nikita, Beth picked up a voucher for a new set of K2 ski’s as well courtesy of Craigdon Mountain Sports.

Then all that was left was the 16+ Snowboarders. There was no shortage of big tricks and techy moves being thrown down here. The judges were looking for the best all round performance and seeking the person who displayed overall consistency, flow and style. Competitors had to show flow by linking up the kicker and quarter pipe into one run which proved difficult for some of the high flyers that killed it on the kicker but lost speed for the quarter pipe run.

With that in mind judge John Addison placed Barry Parker in 3rd place for his consistent riding all afternoon with visitor Jamie Trinder bagging 2nd place and owning the rails with the best rail run of the day.

But there was no question when it came to 1st place, with a massive corked 720 off the kicker followed by an inverted frontside 720 in the quarter pipe and attempting a 1080 in his 2nd run, the day belonged to Kris Bell. Other standouts were Steve Cassie and Andy Duthie who were in risk of losing life and limb by taking on the flat bar and getting dealt some serious punishment for it, but getting back up on that horse and giving it a good thrashing thus proved their balls are made of steel.

Ladies were last to be judged and battling it out for the crown was Claire Beavis, Natalie Riley and Lara Wood. Claire took 3rd place and a bag of prizes, 2nd came in the form of Natalie Riley who only just missed out on the top spot but was squeezed out by Lara Wood who performed a text book 360 on the kicker and made the rails looks easy with her relaxed riding style, thus proving she’s no grom anymore and one to watch in the future.

Lastly we had the coveted Own It trophy and title of Overall Skier and Snowboarder to appoint. The holder of this title gets their name engraved on the ‘Own It’ trophy and a framed picture of them is displayed in reception for all to see and they get a copy to take home to give to mum.

This is given to individuals who we feel embody the spirit of their chosen discipline. They display passion, commitment and enthusiasm that motivates others to want to ski or board.

This year it was a pleasure again to crown Andrew Wilson the Overall Ski title for the 3rd year running and welcome into the hall of fame Kris Bell, who claimed the Overall Snowboard title.

Look out for their photos in reception over the next week.

Rest of the pics are being processed now and look out for the HD video footage coming your way soon!

A big thanks to our local ski and snowboard retailers Granite Reef, Craigdon Mountain Sports and Boarderline, check em out for the latest equipment coming through their doors this season.

Also to Nikita and Westbeach for their continued support of this event and helping make the winners look respectable!

Finally to the skiers and riders who competed and the parents and family who watched, the judges John Addison and Craig Donald who judged, Nicol Paton on the mic, the ladies on the BBQ and the people behind the scenes who helped run this event THANK YOU.

Plus a massive thanks to Mal Judd who did an amazing job of getting the competition organised and running such a slick event, and for writing this great review of the day.  Cheers Mal, we are all looking forward to the next Own IT already.


See you all next year!


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