Scottish Freestyle Series, Round 1 review and pictures

1 Nov

Here’s your write up from round one Scottish Freestyle Series that took place here at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre on 23rd October, kindly provided by Neil MacGrain.

Saturday morning always comes around too quickly if you’ve been working all week. Expecting the worst from the weather after leaving it raining in Glasgow it was nice to see the sun poking through to start then splitting the sky, but to top it off there was snow on the hills just past Stirling. And not just a dusting but white peaks. Game on for another good winter please.

A trip to Aberdeen Snowsports Centre is always good. The team up there are always happy to help out with any events that will benefit their local riders and snowsports in general and this weekend was no different. The sun was out, place was heaving due to their open day and some of the top Scottish riders were ready to throw down.  Aberdeen are in a good place to develop their riders with their own airbag. The kicker for it is the same dimensions as the snowflex one, so once you can land it there it should be pretty easy to take it to the slope.  Needless to say on Saturday morning there were plenty of riders tossing themselves in to it with careless abandon.

The SNO!zone Lowlander kicked off with a new format this year meaning everyone gets plenty of practice before their runs and an opportunity to win some schwag in the jam session. With three runs it is possible to put down a safety run first & then go for broke on the last two. During the jam it was plain to see the benefit the airbag was having on the local riders. Kids who had only been skiing & snowboarding for 7 or 8 months were already throwing flips & corks on the big kicker. Local riders Fin Bremner & Kris Bell were putting on a technical display of spins and were closely matched by the contingent who had travelled from further afield. Competing were the usual riders from all over Scotland and a few had travelled from Lancashire to compete but Cerys Allen had persuaded her folks to drive up from MK / Hemel area to ride at the comp & definitely should get an award for the most committed rider / parent combo. A solid 8/9 hours of driving each way.

A blow by blow account of the runs would be pretty boring so instead we bring you photos of sunny Aberdeen in October.


Cerys Allen after the epic mission from the South of England



Fin Bremner doing it for Team Aberdeen



Can anyone tell what this is?



Matt Corry Back 5




Hector Barbour show why he is the latest addition to the K2 Team



Anna Vincenti Misty 5



Supporting the Gaelic revival



Some of the sponsors



Kris Bell givin' it some style



It was always going to be a hard fought battle to take the first event but Red Bull provided the wings to keep everyone going throughout the day with the final results coming down to the last runs. Young gun Matt McCormick battled hard against giants twice his size to take the Snowboard overall win & his age category with Hector Barbour’s smooth style landing him in first place for the skiers.  Womens snowboarding was a close call but in the end Lara Wood took home the win and Anna Vincenti for the skiers. For the full results check out the Snowsport Scotland Facebook page
Thanks to the guys at Aberdeen and the sponsors for this years events, SNO!zone, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Synergy Snowsports. The next event is at Glasgow Snowsports Centre on the 20 Nov and hopefully see everyone there. 





Board                                Ski
1. Lara Wood                   1. Anna Vinceti
2. Natalie Riley
3. Cerys Allen

1. Emmet Strachan                1. Chris McCormick
2. Fin Bremner                        2. Fin Jacob
3. Rowan Cameron                3. Ronan connelly

1. Matt McCormick                1. Grant Donald
2. Sam McGrath                      2. Harris Booth
3. Matt Corry                           3. Lewis Wilson

1. Kris Bell                             1. Hector Barbour
2. Chris Gatenby                2. Chris Wadsworth
3. Barry Parker                   3. Rory Deasy

See you all at round two at Bellahouston on 20th November – get your name down at reception if you need a lift in the Team Bus.

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