Scottish Freestyle Series – Round 2, Photos and Review

1 Dec


The second leg of the SNO!zone Lowlander rolled in to Glasgow on Saturday for a rail jam at Glasgow Snowsports Centre. The sun of Aberdeen had disappeared and been replaced by the grey cloud. A rare phenomenon seldom found on the West Coast of Scotland….. This had the added advantage of keeping the slope a bit more moist and running better. As usual the riders had travelled the length and breadth of the island to battle it out and gain valuable points in the National Rankings. Cerys Allen had made a return from the deep depths of Southern Englandshire and speaking to her dad she will be a regular fixture this winter. Team Aberdeen had also ventured in to the flatlands bring a squad to upset the locals.

Brandon Bow getting warmed up before the 3 runs that would decide his fate

Cerys Allen showing the benefit of regular coaching from former World Cup Coach Gav Learmonth











Grant Donald with some Aberdeen style & his sisters ski pants

The jam session got underway and gave everyone a chance to get their rails trickery dialled in before the pressure mounted for the judged runs. With spot prizes up for grabs from Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Boax Headwear everyone was doing their best to show off to the judges and MC. Local rider Barry Cairns grabbed the mike and gave us some silky chat while local instructor and DJ legend, Chris Beattie stepped in at the last second to provide some filthy beats as the original noise maker had some technical issues. Chris kept it going long after the comp finished and pretty sure some of the locals took advantage of this to party in the park. A comp without tunes just shouldn’t ever happen.


Gareth McLean kept it smooth all day


Brandon Bow is dedicated to keeping fit even when there is a perfectly suitable drag lift less than 3 feet away











Edinburgh local Harris Booth crossed to the West coast and is one to watch out for in the future


Matt McCormick showing the advantage of bright colours in photos. All other riders take note.....










DJ Saviour Chris Beattie keeping everyone going

Now with some of the best riders in Scotland turning up it was always going to be a difficult job for the judges. Thanks to Mal, Snowy & Old School for hanging out in the cold and drizzle on a Saturday afternoon for the good of freeskiing and snowboarding. With one eye on the lens it is always difficult to keep track of everyone’s runs but the style being shown by some of the young riders was way beyond their years. When slopestyle makes it to the Olympics and hopefully some more funding for it becomes available there is no reason why UK shredders won’t be able to compete at that level. Danny Wheeler proved it originally with Jamie Nicholls, Jenny Jones and a raft of others still doing it.

Fin Jacobs from Team Aberdeen

Fin Bremner also from Team Aberdeen









Glasgow rider Matt Corry

Salomon UK rider Cal Sandieson. The only person to rock jeans skiing on a wet day in Glasvegas









Emmet Strachan in his way to second place in the kids category





Kris Bell doing it for the ‘Deen Image






Hector Barbour doesn’t ski rails much. Doesn’t look like it

As the afternoon rolled on the tunes and supplies from Red Bull kept everyone going to ride at their peak all day and again it was a battle of East versus West and North versus South. However in the end it was like a bag of dolly mixtures, completely mixed up with all of the slopes having a rider or two on the podium. Thanks again to the slopes and sponsors, SNO!zone Scotland, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop, Synergy Snowsports and Boax Headwear for supporting the development of Scottish Freestyle.  The next date is the 11 December at Hillend in Edinburgh and is the day after the Edinburgh Invitational Rail Jam to be held under the Castle.

Judges hard at work. You can see the concentration on their faces

Youngest rider Keilan Bremner holding his own

Chris Wadsworth on his way to winning his age category & the whole event

The Winners






























Ski                                                                   Kids Board

1 Cal Sandieson                                                   1 Fin Bremner
2 Chris McCormick                                           2 Emmet Strachan
3 Ronan Connolly                                              3 Brandon Bow

Youth Ski                                                             Youth Board
1 Harris Booth                                                    1 Matt McCormick
2 Grant Donald 2 Sam McGrath
3 Pierce Houlihan                                             3 Angus Trinder

Open Ski                                                              Open Board
1 Chris Wadsworth                                             1 Jamie Trinder
2 Gareth McLean                                                2 Marco Santi
3 Craig Mathers                                                  3 Oni Mancini

Womens Ski                                                       Womens Board
1 Anna Vincenti                                                 1 Cerys Allen


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