3 Dec

The GOAT series has been running over the summer months pushing our newer riders to try out some new tricks and for the practised pro’s they get a chance to work on their basics and go bigger and better than last year.  There are a few more edits to go up here and you’ll get a chance to see all the skills being thrown down.  On the night of the final we decided to allow everyone back in to be a contender for the most improved rider of the series.  Only those who had not got GOAT over the course of the series could be crowned the winner on final night.

All the tricks were written on the board an everyone made their way through them.  There was a great standard of riding on the night with many people getting the tricks they had failed to get in the actual series.  Fin J was a fine example of this being the only skier to get all of the tricks! As he hadn’t made it into the grand final – he was deservedly crowned the most improved skier of the series. The Grand Final was a close fought battle between Grant, Lewis and Angus, in the end the judges we’re forced to call a trick off – with a zero shifty being the trick pulled out of the hat.  A gutsy trick, Grant had the luxury of going last and stepped it up taking it to the kicker and pulling a sweet shifty.

In the Snowboarding, one of our newer club members Josh took the crown of most improved rider and Emmet and Fin B forced another Trick off.  The snowboarders battled it out trick for trick, however being short on time one trick was chosen it came down to size and style.  Emmet got some mighty air and although it was a very close call was crowned winner.

Most improved riders got a winter pass for the slope and the overall winners got that plus an airbag voucher.  Nice one – happy shredding guys.


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