I’ll make you famous…

21 Feb

If you were down the slope on Wednesday for the Carpet Burn Cup you may have seen a lady with a mike getting some wise words from some of you guys down the slope for BBC Scotland.  It’s a really good listen and everyone sounds really clear, even if Mal does revert to a true Kiwi accent. 

Follow the link here and you can listen or download the podcast, go to the one for 19th Feb and have a listen.  Get in there fast though ‘cos it won’t stay up there for long.

Here’s a wee write up for the night from your coach Andy Begg:

The warm ups and practice round started with a bang, with lots of the kids realizing that theywere going to have to step up their game, new tricks were being stomped (or not).  Once the comp kicked off  kids were going bigger and better trying to outdo each other.  Still, even though competition was running high everyone was helping each other and amping each other up.  Overall, brilliant night and I hope to see the rest of the rounds to be the same.  Bring it on…

Huge thanks again to Cotswold Outdoor for their support and the sponsors Helly Hansen, Bloc and Icebreaker.


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