Sno!Zone Indoor Champs Press Release

28 Feb

Here’s the official review of the Scottish Indoor Champs, enjoy.

19 February 2011

Scottish Freestyle Indoor Championships

Results and competition report

The final leg of the Snowsport Scotland organised Lowlander events took place on Saturday with the SNO!zone Scottish Indoor Championships. And it went off. Events manager Marty Lisle has persuaded the management that it would be great if the Nike 6.0 stairset was to make an appearance for the comp and for a few weeks afterwards. Needless to say this was eagerly anticipated by all the Scottish riders and did not fail to disappoint. With guaranteed snow and good weather conditions it was a media feeding frenzy. There was a film crew from Blue Peter following around Tomski Robinson along with 3 photographers and 2 other filmers – including our own.


The course allowed for a variety of skills levels and all features were utilised in the sliding, bonking and tapping jibfest which lasted for the afternoon. As usual it was a 3 run, best run counts format after a suitable amount of practice time. The staples of the Scottish competition circuit were out in force along with a few new faces who were getting involved. The Indoor Champs links the preseason dryslope events and the winter snow events and with a fair amount of snow early in Scotland then there had been a great deal of outdoor jibbery pokery taking place prior to the comp. Now saying that SNO!zone Scotland has a pretty dedicated and talented group of riders could be a bit of an understatement… There are too many guys on skis or snowboards to mention and it was also great to see a bigger field from the ladies too.


Danny McCormick set the standard early with a hardway Cab 270 to FS nose, the same trick which won the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle in Munich only the week before. Jamie Trinder was front flipping on and off boxes, regular & switch and showing why he is on the Bataleon European Team. The kids were not about to be outdone easily, with Brandon Bow showing style way beyond his years to win and  Emmet Strachan putting in solid consistent runs to take silver. The youth and women’s snowboard categories were also putting on an outstanding performance with both being closely fought battles for the podium. Matt McCormick, Sam McGrath & Matt Corry battled it out with all manner of slides but in the end Matt McCormick did it again. With a much wider women’s field it was great to see the competition stepping up. Aberdeen rider Lara Wood was putting down smooth runs all day to take bronze but in the end it was SNO!zone locals Emilia Vanni taking gold and Helen Fox getting the silver.


The skiers were also going off too and not just the open category but runs in all the age groups were placing in the overall top 5 results. Chris Wadsworth and his rail monkey skills were on form with 270’s on to the down bar and switch ups on the boxes. Dark horse Harris Booth came out of left field in a well orchestrated attack and destroyed all parts of the course with smooth & multiple switch ups on the majority of features. His week in Tignes with Next X really paying off. As usual Chris McCormick & Cal Sandieson was slaying the park with their customary style and technical runs. Cory McVicar was attacking the stairset and the rest of her run was smooth on all the features.


A big thanks have to go out to a number of different people for their involvement. Marty & Penny at SNO!zone for sponsoring the series & putting together the park for the event, Si Welsh at Bamboo Rider for providing the prizes, Donnie at Synergy Snowsports for the holiday, the judges Mal Judd, Chris Asquith, Colin Andrews & Rennie Husband and Mitch the MC for his flow of banter throughout the afternoon. Thanks also to all the competitors for entering and to Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Boax Headwear for sponsoring the series.


The next event is the Highlander at Nevis Range on the 12 March with the Scottish Freestyle Champs heading to Cairngorm on the 2 April to finish off the winter. Hope to see you all there.


For further information, please contact:

Snowsport Scotland, 0131 625 4405 email:



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