Voting now Live

5 Mar

Voting is now live for the Quiksilver Radar competition, you can watch Fins video and vote by following this link.

Fin wrote us a little piece about his day so here we are:

Fins Quiksilver Radar Tale

Nicol handed me a Quiksilver Radar flyer on a Wednesday night and told me to enter and see how it goes. …. So I submitted a few photos and a very short video clip to  the Quiksilver email on the flyer.


A few weeks later I had an email asking me where I would be able to attend a happy riding day- I was through to the next round!!  All the happy riding days were in France, Italy or Spain but Quiksilver  then added a happy riding day to be held in the UK it was only a week away – I was stoked! It meant a long journey in the car down to Tamworth but I knew it would be worth it.  I had made it down to the final 9  in the UK it was a mix of boarders and skiers. The finalists list was released and I had met most of the riders who had made the cut, I knew the standard would be high.


After a tiring trip that lasted 9 hours we arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning.  The hotel was in spitting distance of the dome!


The jam session didn’t start until 10pm on Saturday, and it was torture waiting but watching the set up and having dinner with the other 8 finalists Josh Knox, Tom Knox (they were filming our edits) Hannah from Quiksilver and Christian  Stevenson (who was the MC at Freeze this year)  I knew it was going to be a rad night!


We all shredded hard until 1am getting our best tricks filmed for our edits.  I managed to bag myself a few prizes along the way. One of them for landing 3 front flips off the Tamworth kicker. I came home from Tamworth with no regrets and had a great experience.


These uploads will be judged by the public and pros, with the winner gaining an invite to the X Games European grand final in Tignes next month.

So please vote for me  at


Click on radar and  vote for my edit to  help me get to the finals in Tignes- the week of the X games!





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