The Medals Keep Coming…

25 Mar

Our latest on the news desk from The Brits 2011 being held in Laax.
Yesterday saw the Halfpipe action take place in glorious sunshine, with Fin bagging another Silver medal for his skills.

Fin with his Silver Bling

That’s his 3rd medal in three comps which is amazing, we are super proud of you Fin.  We are also super stoked for Ben Kilner our local hero for getting Gold in the Mens Halfpipe.  Ben has been recovering from various injuries this year and it is looking like he is back on form, fending off some tough competition from Dom Harrington and Dan Wakeham to take the Gold.


Ben Kilner with a supersized backside air

Ben is a great guy who kindly popped down the slope last summer to recount the inspiring story of his snowboarding career to our young rippers, you can read about it and see more of the photos here.


Story time with Ben Kilner last summer at the slope


Fin is, understandably a huge fan and I’m sure he’s stoked that he not only got to ride the same pipe as Ben but pose with their medals together.


Ben Kilner and Fin proudly wearing their halfpipe medals.

Next up it the Protest Slopestyle happening today as I write this.  Fingers crossed for a clean sweep for Fin.


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