Scottish Freestyle Series @ Cairngorm

19 Apr

 Sorry for the delay in posting this one but here’s the official write up of the days happenings up Cairngorm for the Final Round of the Scottish Freestyle Series and big up to Team Aberdeen for their efforts.

The SNO!zone Scottish Freestyle Championships was originally scheduled for Saturday 2 April at Cairngorm, however with the weather looking less than perfect it was decided to postpone it until the following day. Sunday rolled around and blue skies greeted everyone as they arrived at the base, along with slightly faster than advertised wind speed.

Rory Cameron feeling the effects of the windAt least the judges got to sit in the cat


The park had taken a bit of a beating during the week but the staff at Cairngorm had been busting a gut on Saturday to get it ready for the comp and they did not disappoint. Two rail lines with a selection of features for the different levels of riders, a multi hit kicker with hip on the side & another kicker to finish. All were in great condition and ready for the onslaught of groms to seasoned pros which was about to be unleashed. The wind didn’t seem to hamper the enthusiasm of all the skiers & boarders entered as there were valuable points for the British National Rankings up for grabs but it did mean a few of the lighter riders had to get their tactics right so they could stay on the rails.


Rowan Cameron getting 3rd in the kids

With the jam practice session underway it was evident pretty quickly that the style wagon was in town and some of the older riders were going to get a lesson from the kids. Brandon Bow was on fire all day and was caught nose pressing the shotgun rail like his life depended on it and it paid off in the end, taking home the gold. The youth category was a hard fought battle with all the usual suspects present. Angus Trinder, Matt Corry, Sam McGrath & Matt McCormick were all in the running for the podium and win but in the end it was the smoothness of Matt McCormick that took the title. However if youth was a battle it was war in the open category. Veterans of the series, Jamie Trinder and Danny McCormick had to work harder than ever with Jordan Gee, Angus Malloch and Adam Gairns showing face but in the end the cat like tendency & technical riding of Danny McCormick who went away with the win. The ladies competition saw Orla Doolin come out of left field and take the gold. No surprise if you have seen her charging the rail park in SNO!zone. Super smooth and consistent is always a good base to work from in a comp.

Orla Doolin on for the win

Natalie Riley taking third


With a few less skiers than usual there was even more opportunity for the younger riders to score some good points for the overall rankings. The lone female of Anna Vincenti showed the benefit of skiing with the boys all winter and kept it simple to win. Cal Sandieson and Chris McCormick continued the battle for dominance and after 2 weeks in Laax both were hungry for the points for the overall standings. Chris’s technical rail wizardry & consistent kicker performance meant he not only took the win in his age group but also the highest scores of the day. Not bad for a 12 yr old. With no entries in the Open ski category it was down to the youth’s to make step up and throw down the runs to win the skis and the bragging rights. It was North v South with Aberdeen’s Grant Donald and Edinburgh’s Harris Booth slugging it out to the death with Grant narrowly edging out Harris by 0.1 points to win.

Grant Donald on his way to a new pair of Armada skis


Fin Jacobs

For anyone paying attention then you will have noticed that it was another McCormick whitewash. All 3 took gold again and put Chris at the top of the UK skiers ranking and Danny & Matt 2nd & 3rd respectively in the snowboard rankings. Well done to them all but you have to wonder if they are all just really good or robots sent back in time….

Chris McCormick on his way to the win


DJ Brett kept the tunes going all day

This event wrapped up the series and the points being tallied for probably the last time for the British National Rankings before moving to the 2011/12 season in a few months. Without a doubt the comps will be back again next year and if any companies out there need an outlet to stave off some tax liability then there are always sponsorship opportunities available. Thanks must go to all the current sponsors without whom this would have not been able, SNO!zone Scotland, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop, Synergy Snowsports, Bamboo Rider, Boax Headwear and Skullcandy. All of these companies are behind Scottish freestyle snowsports development and it is great to have you all on board. Hopefully will be the same again next year.

Smiles form the Kids Snowboard Podium

A few more of the winners

Have a good summer and enjoy the sunshine


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  1. dave j April 20, 2011 at 7:16 pm #

    Dont forget wee Angy Jacobs getting bronze!

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