Carpet Burn Cup – Skier / Boarder X

9 Jun

Always a crowd pleaser and my favourite event of the series, last night saw Round 6 of the Carpet Burn Cup – the Skier / Boarder X.

With the course looking impressive with its official SAAB snow cross flags and its symmetrical set up, competitors weaved there way in and out, off the first wedge inevitably at the same time and often off the bottom wedge too – creating some neck and neck finishes.

The course is set

First up were the juniors went to battle, with a lot still to play for in the series leaderboard and with the competative nature of a dual course there was a great  atmosphere.  Everyone’s riding and skiing was on top form, recent practice having paid off.  Ally Rogers had some very close races and although he was beaten to the podium by Josh Watt in an extemely close call he did win most improved rider of the night winning himself a voucher for a free session. Emmets’ riding experience showed through winning him the gold with Nathan taking silver.

neck and neck at wedge no 1.


Neck and neck over wedge no 2


neck and neck into the finish gate


the crawl to the finish

Most Improved Snowboarder

Emmet carving his way to gold

Vaibhav ‘ speedy’ Chetty was killing it in practice but got pipped to the post by both Keilan Bremner and Fin Jacobs in the judged rounds which led again some exciting races for the crowds.

Taking the win over the last wedge, Keilan speeds to the finish line

Vaibhav taking bronze over Rory

Fin getting ready for the duck

The female skiers were once again on form, Abby Miller won all her races to take the Gold with Emma Swanson and Catherine Jackson battling for silver and bronze respectively.

Emma and Catherine battle for silver or bronze

In the Under 10’s Snowboarding all the boys were showing great style, carving well and showing no fear of the course ahead of them.  It was Andrew Budge who one again took the gold for the FIFTH! time, with Duncan crossing the line for silver and Fraser taking the Bronze, great riding from all.

Duncan taking silver beating Fraser over the wedge

Andy carving his way to victory

Finally in the junior skiers Angus became the second of the Jacobs to gain Gold, their Dad must have been giving them some top tips for skier cross.  It was a close finish in the race between Angus and Andrew Hadfield but not as close as that between Angus and Rory which almost resulted in a hair cut for the photographer…

Angus beats Andy to the finish after the wedge

A close battle for silver and gold


Rory - most improved skier

And the podium results: (minus the 11-15 boys due to the battery dying in the last minute)

Keilan, Fin, Viabhav (L-R)

Duncan, Andy, Fraser (L-R)

Nathan, Emmet, Josh (L-R)

Emma, Abby, Catherine (L-R)


Well done to all, great entertainment to watch, the next round will be the Airbag Final on the 29th June, practice for this will be on Friday 24th (not the wednesday before) this will be at the discounted rate of £10 – book your space now to make sure you get a spot.. See you there.


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