Carpet Burn Cup – Slalom

14 Feb

Wednesday 8th February saw the second round of the Carpet Burn Cup; we had a great turn out of competitors and onlookers braving the cold conditions to compete and watch the slalom round of the series.
With a tight course and fast slope it was set to be a cold but highly entertaining night with some hungry competitors all trying their best to get the fastest time in their age and discipline category.
Jay Waters kick started the competition with the first run of the evening for the under 10 male skiers and did well to get a fast time of 15.50 seconds. Unfortunately that was not enough to claim a podium finish as Alexander Geekie slipped into 3rd place with a rapid time of 13.10 seconds whilst Tommy Cockburn took second with a respective time of 12.20. Keilan Bremner had the final say with a fantastic time of 11.60!!! This was the second fasted time of the whole competition! Well done Keilan.
Next up was the female Under 10 ski, again the competition was tight with all girls finishing within seconds of one another, clearly showing that whatever training they have been getting has been paying off. Ramone Waters took 3rd, Emma Swanson 2nd and Kirsty Muir took 1st.
The 11-15 male ski saw a huge turnout with 13 competitors! With Angus Jacobs out injured, first place was up for grabs. Andrew Hadfield took 3rd with Rory Brown in 2nd and Adam Hall took 1st with the fastest time of the whole competition 11.40 seconds!! Well done Adam.
In the 11 to 15 female category new comer Beth Skinner took 3rd, Abbie Miller was second and Gordon’s ski racer Emma Cornwell took 1st with an impressive time of 12.30 seconds.
Onto the snowboarders, in the under 10 category there were only three competitors, however all three are very strong snowboarders for their age. Zarek Samdani was 2 seconds behind to take 3rd place with Fraser Jack pulling off an impressive time of 16.90 that gave him 2nd. However it was Cameron Smith who had the final say with a fantastic time of 16.20, this is Cameron’s first ever Carpet Burn Cup and he is proving to be a very strong competitor – his rivals will have to work hard to overtake him on the leader board.
Under 16 female boarders only had Abby Doward also a newcomer to the competition, Abby still done her best and pulled off a respectable time of 21.60! Well done Abby!
Finally for the juniors we had the male 11-15 male snowboarders, there were a lot of nerves in amongst this lot, most of them being good friends who have been training with one another for up to 2 years so you can imagine that none of them wanted to be beaten! This showed through with some fantastic times and spills too; luckily no one was hurt. Jordan Webster pulled off a fantastic second run after falling on his first scoring a time of 14.90 and Nathan Sim took himself away from the kicker for long enough to get a good time of 14.60! However it was Rowan Cameron who blew the whole crew off the Dendix and showed that practise makes perfect with a whopping score of 14.40! Can you believe how close first and second were: .10 of a second! Well done to all of you boys.
Onto the Adults and the Aberdeen Snowsports Centre staff were out in force! All eager to beat their fellow employees after most of them practising weeks before the competition to gain a podium finish.
Katie Boyd did well to get 3rd in the Female over 16 snowboard Category, Avril Pringle took 2nd and Heather Goldsworthy finished 1st with a slick time of 17.49.
In the male over 16 category competition was hot, with some well experienced instructors taking part in the slalom. Barry Parker fresh back from France took 3rd with a time of 13.71, Nicol Paton was trying to get to grips with his new board but never the less scored an impressive time of 13.47 however it was die hard Euan Linn who took 1st with a speedy 13.40! Well done Euan.
In the seniors ski Eloise Croy Took 3rd with a time of 15.05, Heather Goldsworthy tried her luck on her skis and got an impressive time of 15.01 However Katie Boyd came back from 3rd on her snowboard to 1st on her skis with an impressive 12.25! Awesome Katie!
Finally in the male over 16 ski there were some new comers to the skis, Nicol Paton, Barry Parker and Euan Linn all decided to give the slalom a go for a bit of a laugh. This provided some great entertainment for the fellow competitors and judges; however none of them came up with a particularly impressive score, other than Barry who beat his time on his snowboard with a time of 13.30! Craig Donald took 1st with an impressive 12.06, he must have waxed his skis  in second with 12.56 was Adam Hunter and Grant Donald took 3rd with 12.66.
Well done to all competitors! We look forward to seeing you on the next event (Boarder cross and ski cross) on the 22nd of February.
Remember and come train the week before…


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