The Goat Post has been covering freestyle snowsports in the North-East since January 2009. The focus is mainly on the snowflex slope at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre, expanding to the other dry slopes and snow resorts when our local riders are involved.

The Goat Post is always looking for new material and welcomes any contributions. Feel free to send your photos, articles, videos and the like to thegoatpost@gmail.com, or bring them down to the slope on a DVD.


Past contributors include:

Nicol Paton, Beth Woodall, David Jacobs, Neil & Fiona Cameron, Buloo Elmslie, Aleksanders Isidorovs, Nick Law, Slav Gnatetski, Grant Donald, Malcolm Judd, Dionne Savage, Matthew Hellingoe and Louise Moig. Cheers guys!

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