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Team Aberdeen Invades Glasgow

24 Nov

Team Aberdeen invades Glasgow

It was a double header this weekend with Aberdeen Snowsports Club Race and Freestyle Teams both heading south to take on the competition on their home turf.  First up the racers headed to Snozone for the Scottish Indoor Champs.   The Aberdeen Team braved the early start and were ready and eager at the 8.30am bib collection.  150 racers were scheduled to take part.  Mark acted as coach for Aberdeen and organised the course inspection sorting out start times so no one missed their slot.  It got pretty hectic operating on only half of Braeheads’ slope.

5 of the clubs racers all took part; Alistair Hall, Alexander Geekie, Tommy Cockburn,  Andrew MacDonald and Adam Hall.    The race was a slalom with 2 courses.  The Bairns and the girls had a slightly easier first course but due to a burst pipe everyone skied the same course for the second race.  To be eligible for a second run you must complete the first run without missing any gates and fortunately Aberdeen all managed this.

In the Bairns race Alistair came 6th in Bairns 1 (19th overall), Tommy 9th in Bairns 2 (13th overall), Alexander 15th in Bairns 2 (23rd overall).  In the males race Adam came 20th in Children 1 (56th overall) and Andrew 21st in Children 1 (58th overall).   Also well done to Alyesha Rattray, who trains down at Aberdeen and with GPS, was 10th overall and 4th in the Junior 1 category.  Liam Pogson another GPS skier and occasional visitor to race training managed 18th in children 2 and 36th overall in the males race.

It was good experience for our guys and interesting to see other racers their age.  Andrew and Adam both had spectacular recoveries in their final runs as they negotiated the well rutted course but no other near misses fortunately.   For the first race of the season for Team Aberdeen it went well.  Bring on the snow.

Team Aberdeen - Race

Next day it was the turn of the Freestylers who headed to Bella for the latest in the Lowlander series.  With Aberdeen entering a staggering 15 riders, the guys weren’t intimidated by the local riders and went straight into a confident display of their skills in this the rail leg of the series.  For Andrew Budge, Duncan Trilk, Fraser Jack, Fraser Morrison, Jay Waters and Ali Mathieson this was their first comp away from home ground but were soon showing the local Glasgow riders what they had to offer.  The guys weren’t shy on showing their skills and it took Aberdeen rider Rowan Cameron to raise the bar in the youth section and go for the massive elevator lift before some of the older Glasgow riders gave it a go.  Nathan Sim and Andy Foote also put on the style with a series of great tricks.

The kids ski category was hotly contested with Fin Jacobs grabbing the gold for Aberdeen, with Rory Cameron picking up 4th and in his first comp Jay Waters was throwing down some confident tricks.  Grant Donald took 2nd in the Open Ski category while over at the Kids boarding Fin Bremner showed why he has been selected for the GB Freestyle Team picking up 1st.

A final big shout out to Fraser Jack who took the prize for most stylish trick with a lovely switch tail press.

Fraser Jack steezing it up

The guys were totally stoked by their presence at Bella and are raring to go at the Scottish Dryslope Championships at Bearsden on 3 December 2011.

To check out the race results see and the Overall Lowlander Results – Freestyle ski and Freestyle Board.


Lowlander – Own It 2011

1 Nov

Lowlander – Own It

On Saturday October 22nd, Aberdeen Snowsports Centre hosted Own It, a freestyle competition that is now part of the Lowlander/Highlander series with points going towards the Scottish and UK freestyle standings.

Here’s the report!

Aberdeen dominates medals at Lowlander event

Aberdeen dominated the medals at the first Snowsport Scotland freestyle competition of the winter season.

The annual Lowlander “own It” event which took place at the Aberdeen Snowsports Centre and was hosted by Aberdeen Snowsports Club, saw the riders pulled out all the stops with a spectacular array of aerial and jib tricks.

A very strong display saw the local riders dominate the Gold medals this year with Fin Jacobs (Ski) and Zarek Samdani (Snowboard) taking top spot in the kids’ section. With very strong performances from Hannah Mile (Women), Cameron Wood (Youth) and Grant Donald (Open) Aberdeen dominated the leader boards.

However, Vaila Cherman (Edinburgh) and Matt Corry (Glasgow) readdressed the balance in the snowboarding competitions by placing gold in the women’s and youth categories respectively. The men’s snowboarding category was a hotly fought competition, but in the end it was local boy Kris Bell that secured the open snowboard title in a tight battle with Jamie Trinder (Cairngorm).

As is traditional at Aberdeen a rail jam completes the competitive day with combined winners of the Lowlander and the Rail Jam being awarded the prestigious (and very large) “Own It” trophy! This year Grant Donald took the honours for freestyle skiing and Jamie Trinder did enough to take the snowboard title by slaying the rails.

The Lowlander Aberdeen and “Own It” has quickly become a firm fixture on the freestyle calendar, mostly due to the range of young Scottish ski and snowboard talent and level of competition it attracts.

Dave Rutledge, Competitions, Events and Volunteering Coordinator for Snowsport Scotland, says: “ The Aberdeen Lowlander and “Own It” competition has fast become a place for Scotland’s up and coming elite athletes to showcase what they have got on the dry slopes. There is no doubt that we will see many of these names featuring in the upcoming Scottish Dry Slope Freestyle Championships and the Scottish “Edinburgh” Freestyle Invitational both in December, and I am sure that many are names to look out for as professional stars of the future.”

The Glasgow Lowlander takes place on the 20th November 2011 at Glasgow Ski & Snowboard Centre.

Full results for the Aberdeen Lowlander “Own It” are listed below.

Grant Donald - 2011 Own It Skier

Jamie Trinder - Own It 2011 Snowboarder

Pictures are available to view by clicking Here.


Ski Women
1st Hannah Milne
2nd Erin Sharp
1st Fin Jacobs
2nd Rory Cameron
3rd Hamish Farquharson
1st Cameron Wood
2nd Andrew Hadfield
3rd Angus Jacobs
1st Grant Donald
2nd Sam Harrison
3rd Rory Deasy
1st Vaila Cherman
1st Zarek Samdani
2nd Fraser Jack
3rd Joseph Dionne
1st Matt Corry
2nd Sam McGrath
3rd Nathan Sim
1st Kris Bell
2nd Jamie Trinder
3rd Chris Mahoney

Thanks to our Sponsors

Sno!Zone Indoor Champs Press Release

28 Feb

Here’s the official review of the Scottish Indoor Champs, enjoy.

19 February 2011

Scottish Freestyle Indoor Championships

Results and competition report

The final leg of the Snowsport Scotland organised Lowlander events took place on Saturday with the SNO!zone Scottish Indoor Championships. And it went off. Events manager Marty Lisle has persuaded the management that it would be great if the Nike 6.0 stairset was to make an appearance for the comp and for a few weeks afterwards. Needless to say this was eagerly anticipated by all the Scottish riders and did not fail to disappoint. With guaranteed snow and good weather conditions it was a media feeding frenzy. There was a film crew from Blue Peter following around Tomski Robinson along with 3 photographers and 2 other filmers – including our own.


The course allowed for a variety of skills levels and all features were utilised in the sliding, bonking and tapping jibfest which lasted for the afternoon. As usual it was a 3 run, best run counts format after a suitable amount of practice time. The staples of the Scottish competition circuit were out in force along with a few new faces who were getting involved. The Indoor Champs links the preseason dryslope events and the winter snow events and with a fair amount of snow early in Scotland then there had been a great deal of outdoor jibbery pokery taking place prior to the comp. Now saying that SNO!zone Scotland has a pretty dedicated and talented group of riders could be a bit of an understatement… There are too many guys on skis or snowboards to mention and it was also great to see a bigger field from the ladies too.


Danny McCormick set the standard early with a hardway Cab 270 to FS nose, the same trick which won the Nike 6.0 Stairset Battle in Munich only the week before. Jamie Trinder was front flipping on and off boxes, regular & switch and showing why he is on the Bataleon European Team. The kids were not about to be outdone easily, with Brandon Bow showing style way beyond his years to win and  Emmet Strachan putting in solid consistent runs to take silver. The youth and women’s snowboard categories were also putting on an outstanding performance with both being closely fought battles for the podium. Matt McCormick, Sam McGrath & Matt Corry battled it out with all manner of slides but in the end Matt McCormick did it again. With a much wider women’s field it was great to see the competition stepping up. Aberdeen rider Lara Wood was putting down smooth runs all day to take bronze but in the end it was SNO!zone locals Emilia Vanni taking gold and Helen Fox getting the silver.


The skiers were also going off too and not just the open category but runs in all the age groups were placing in the overall top 5 results. Chris Wadsworth and his rail monkey skills were on form with 270’s on to the down bar and switch ups on the boxes. Dark horse Harris Booth came out of left field in a well orchestrated attack and destroyed all parts of the course with smooth & multiple switch ups on the majority of features. His week in Tignes with Next X really paying off. As usual Chris McCormick & Cal Sandieson was slaying the park with their customary style and technical runs. Cory McVicar was attacking the stairset and the rest of her run was smooth on all the features.


A big thanks have to go out to a number of different people for their involvement. Marty & Penny at SNO!zone for sponsoring the series & putting together the park for the event, Si Welsh at Bamboo Rider for providing the prizes, Donnie at Synergy Snowsports for the holiday, the judges Mal Judd, Chris Asquith, Colin Andrews & Rennie Husband and Mitch the MC for his flow of banter throughout the afternoon. Thanks also to all the competitors for entering and to Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Boax Headwear for sponsoring the series.


The next event is the Highlander at Nevis Range on the 12 March with the Scottish Freestyle Champs heading to Cairngorm on the 2 April to finish off the winter. Hope to see you all there.


For further information, please contact:

Snowsport Scotland, 0131 625 4405 email:


Sno!Zone Scottish Freestyle Indoor Championships

24 Feb

Check out the footage from the Scottish Indoor Champs held at Sno!Zone.


Team Aberdeen Results

With some hot competition to contend with the Team did well and most importantly had a great time,  the Nike 6.0 stair set went down a treat.  Nice one guys.  Next up will be the Highlander rounds of the Freestyle Series so better get some snow time in…


Lara Wood – 3rd in the Womens combined

Emmet Strachan 3rd in the Jr Category

Fin Bremner 4th in the Jr Category


Grant Donald 3rd – Youth Category

Keilan Bremner 4th – Jr Category

Full listing of results can be found here.

Scottish Freestyle Series – Round 3 Review and Photos

1 Feb

Saturday the 15th of January saw the 3rd leg of the SNO!zone Scottish Freestyle Series visit the West of Scotland Snowsports Centre.  For this Scottish Artificial Championships event, organisers Snowsport Scotland made the most of the epic kicker and quarter pipe set up at Bearsden.

Glasgow’s weather did not disappoint (the riders anyway) as it lashed down rain all day.  The mat was running fast and the wind even faster – so the 40 athletes taking part really had to prepare for take-off!  Some riders had practiced and had a clear plan of what they were going to throw down – others like Emilia Vanni just rocked up having never hit the jump and started busting it out.  There was a strong contingent of Bearsden locals there defending their patch from Team Aberdeen, Bellahouston and other facilities throughout Scotland.  Props to our English friends the Robinson’s who also made the long journey up to take part.

The two local MC’s – Mitch and Lewis kept the crowd entertained with their witty banter and tune selection.  They were even busting out some of their own moves in an effort to shake off the Glasgow rain.

The organisers got the comp started following the usual 3 run, best run counts format.   Hector Barbour impressed everyone by consistently nailing rodeo 9’s to take top spot in the open skiing category.  Another local boy who has been dominating the series was Danny McCormick – he pipped Marc McClement to take top spot again this time.  It was a good day out for the Bremner duo, who as part of Team Aberdeen secured a first and second place – with Sam Gardner denying little Keilen a first place like his big bro.   The McCormick trio just about got a clean sweep but Alex Cameron pipped Chris to first place with a 1080.  Shout out to the younger riders (you know who you are) for whom it was their first ever comp – good skills guys we were all really impressed.  The comp finished with Mitch and Lewis throwing out some spot prizes for biggest straight air and some of the riders went HUGE.  There was also a sporty display from the Bearsden train team hitting the jump in quick succession. For the full results check out the link,

One thing for sure is that the next round of the SNO!zone Scottish Freestyle Series will be a lot drier, as its the Scottish Indoor Championships at SNO!zone Scotland.  We are all really excited about this and looking forward to seeing the set up the park crew cook up for it. This should tee things up nicely for the Highlander events in March & April – with all the Scottish resorts having relatively good cover for January.    Big thanks to all our sponsors, SNO!zone Scotland, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop, Synergy Snowsports & Boax Headwear and to West of Scotland Snowsports Centre for hosting the comp – we will see you on Saturday 19th of February for the next round.

All Photos : Derrick J Photography

Scottish Freestyle Series – Round 2, Photos and Review

1 Dec


The second leg of the SNO!zone Lowlander rolled in to Glasgow on Saturday for a rail jam at Glasgow Snowsports Centre. The sun of Aberdeen had disappeared and been replaced by the grey cloud. A rare phenomenon seldom found on the West Coast of Scotland….. This had the added advantage of keeping the slope a bit more moist and running better. As usual the riders had travelled the length and breadth of the island to battle it out and gain valuable points in the National Rankings. Cerys Allen had made a return from the deep depths of Southern Englandshire and speaking to her dad she will be a regular fixture this winter. Team Aberdeen had also ventured in to the flatlands bring a squad to upset the locals.

Brandon Bow getting warmed up before the 3 runs that would decide his fate

Cerys Allen showing the benefit of regular coaching from former World Cup Coach Gav Learmonth











Grant Donald with some Aberdeen style & his sisters ski pants

The jam session got underway and gave everyone a chance to get their rails trickery dialled in before the pressure mounted for the judged runs. With spot prizes up for grabs from Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Boax Headwear everyone was doing their best to show off to the judges and MC. Local rider Barry Cairns grabbed the mike and gave us some silky chat while local instructor and DJ legend, Chris Beattie stepped in at the last second to provide some filthy beats as the original noise maker had some technical issues. Chris kept it going long after the comp finished and pretty sure some of the locals took advantage of this to party in the park. A comp without tunes just shouldn’t ever happen.


Gareth McLean kept it smooth all day


Brandon Bow is dedicated to keeping fit even when there is a perfectly suitable drag lift less than 3 feet away











Edinburgh local Harris Booth crossed to the West coast and is one to watch out for in the future


Matt McCormick showing the advantage of bright colours in photos. All other riders take note.....










DJ Saviour Chris Beattie keeping everyone going

Now with some of the best riders in Scotland turning up it was always going to be a difficult job for the judges. Thanks to Mal, Snowy & Old School for hanging out in the cold and drizzle on a Saturday afternoon for the good of freeskiing and snowboarding. With one eye on the lens it is always difficult to keep track of everyone’s runs but the style being shown by some of the young riders was way beyond their years. When slopestyle makes it to the Olympics and hopefully some more funding for it becomes available there is no reason why UK shredders won’t be able to compete at that level. Danny Wheeler proved it originally with Jamie Nicholls, Jenny Jones and a raft of others still doing it.

Fin Jacobs from Team Aberdeen

Fin Bremner also from Team Aberdeen









Glasgow rider Matt Corry

Salomon UK rider Cal Sandieson. The only person to rock jeans skiing on a wet day in Glasvegas









Emmet Strachan in his way to second place in the kids category





Kris Bell doing it for the ‘Deen Image






Hector Barbour doesn’t ski rails much. Doesn’t look like it

As the afternoon rolled on the tunes and supplies from Red Bull kept everyone going to ride at their peak all day and again it was a battle of East versus West and North versus South. However in the end it was like a bag of dolly mixtures, completely mixed up with all of the slopes having a rider or two on the podium. Thanks again to the slopes and sponsors, SNO!zone Scotland, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop, Synergy Snowsports and Boax Headwear for supporting the development of Scottish Freestyle.  The next date is the 11 December at Hillend in Edinburgh and is the day after the Edinburgh Invitational Rail Jam to be held under the Castle.

Judges hard at work. You can see the concentration on their faces

Youngest rider Keilan Bremner holding his own

Chris Wadsworth on his way to winning his age category & the whole event

The Winners






























Ski                                                                   Kids Board

1 Cal Sandieson                                                   1 Fin Bremner
2 Chris McCormick                                           2 Emmet Strachan
3 Ronan Connolly                                              3 Brandon Bow

Youth Ski                                                             Youth Board
1 Harris Booth                                                    1 Matt McCormick
2 Grant Donald 2 Sam McGrath
3 Pierce Houlihan                                             3 Angus Trinder

Open Ski                                                              Open Board
1 Chris Wadsworth                                             1 Jamie Trinder
2 Gareth McLean                                                2 Marco Santi
3 Craig Mathers                                                  3 Oni Mancini

Womens Ski                                                       Womens Board
1 Anna Vincenti                                                 1 Cerys Allen

Scottish Freestyle Series, Round 1 review and pictures

1 Nov

Here’s your write up from round one Scottish Freestyle Series that took place here at Aberdeen Snowsports Centre on 23rd October, kindly provided by Neil MacGrain.

Saturday morning always comes around too quickly if you’ve been working all week. Expecting the worst from the weather after leaving it raining in Glasgow it was nice to see the sun poking through to start then splitting the sky, but to top it off there was snow on the hills just past Stirling. And not just a dusting but white peaks. Game on for another good winter please.

A trip to Aberdeen Snowsports Centre is always good. The team up there are always happy to help out with any events that will benefit their local riders and snowsports in general and this weekend was no different. The sun was out, place was heaving due to their open day and some of the top Scottish riders were ready to throw down.  Aberdeen are in a good place to develop their riders with their own airbag. The kicker for it is the same dimensions as the snowflex one, so once you can land it there it should be pretty easy to take it to the slope.  Needless to say on Saturday morning there were plenty of riders tossing themselves in to it with careless abandon.

The SNO!zone Lowlander kicked off with a new format this year meaning everyone gets plenty of practice before their runs and an opportunity to win some schwag in the jam session. With three runs it is possible to put down a safety run first & then go for broke on the last two. During the jam it was plain to see the benefit the airbag was having on the local riders. Kids who had only been skiing & snowboarding for 7 or 8 months were already throwing flips & corks on the big kicker. Local riders Fin Bremner & Kris Bell were putting on a technical display of spins and were closely matched by the contingent who had travelled from further afield. Competing were the usual riders from all over Scotland and a few had travelled from Lancashire to compete but Cerys Allen had persuaded her folks to drive up from MK / Hemel area to ride at the comp & definitely should get an award for the most committed rider / parent combo. A solid 8/9 hours of driving each way.

A blow by blow account of the runs would be pretty boring so instead we bring you photos of sunny Aberdeen in October.


Cerys Allen after the epic mission from the South of England



Fin Bremner doing it for Team Aberdeen



Can anyone tell what this is?



Matt Corry Back 5




Hector Barbour show why he is the latest addition to the K2 Team



Anna Vincenti Misty 5



Supporting the Gaelic revival



Some of the sponsors



Kris Bell givin' it some style



It was always going to be a hard fought battle to take the first event but Red Bull provided the wings to keep everyone going throughout the day with the final results coming down to the last runs. Young gun Matt McCormick battled hard against giants twice his size to take the Snowboard overall win & his age category with Hector Barbour’s smooth style landing him in first place for the skiers.  Womens snowboarding was a close call but in the end Lara Wood took home the win and Anna Vincenti for the skiers. For the full results check out the Snowsport Scotland Facebook page
Thanks to the guys at Aberdeen and the sponsors for this years events, SNO!zone, Armada Skis, Freeze Pro Shop & Synergy Snowsports. The next event is at Glasgow Snowsports Centre on the 20 Nov and hopefully see everyone there. 





Board                                Ski
1. Lara Wood                   1. Anna Vinceti
2. Natalie Riley
3. Cerys Allen

1. Emmet Strachan                1. Chris McCormick
2. Fin Bremner                        2. Fin Jacob
3. Rowan Cameron                3. Ronan connelly

1. Matt McCormick                1. Grant Donald
2. Sam McGrath                      2. Harris Booth
3. Matt Corry                           3. Lewis Wilson

1. Kris Bell                             1. Hector Barbour
2. Chris Gatenby                2. Chris Wadsworth
3. Barry Parker                   3. Rory Deasy

See you all at round two at Bellahouston on 20th November – get your name down at reception if you need a lift in the Team Bus.